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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fiat 500X Inside Look Video

Fiat 500X Lounge Interior

This video takes you inside the Fiat 500X Crossover. The 500X is built on a different chassis than the 500 Hatchback and is nearly 30 inches longer and much roomier. Designed to tackle urban and outdoor environments with ease, the Fiat 500X features interiors that range from elegant to sporty. Like all Fiats, the 500X is fully customizable and very well equipped. Watch the video and you'll see. Afterwards, follow the links below to learn more about the 500X.

Next week, the Fiat 500X will make its North American debut at the LA Auto Show. will host the live unveiling here on this site so mark your calendars for Thursday, November 20th at 10 AM PST.

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