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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top 15 Fiat 500 Accessories

Fiat 500 Accessories

Customizing, accessorizing and creating your own - these are the hallmarks of Fiat 500 ownership. Fiat USA has just released a list of the top 15 popular accessories for the Fiat 500. These are available through your Fiat Studio.

Particularly interesting is the industry-first Wi-Fi in-vehicle router that allows access to the internet.

Check this and the other accessories out below:

Chrysler Group LLC Announces Top 15 Mopar Accessories for FIAT 500

More Than 150 Ways to Accessorize the FIAT 500
  • More than 150 quality-tested Mopar accessories including key covers, graphics, bike carriers, roof racks, and seat covers
  • Industry-first Wi-Fi allows owners to utilize electronic devices as far as 150 feet from vehicle  
  • Complete list of accessories at  

July 28, 2011 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - From a $21 locking gas cap to a $1400 body kit, FIAT® will offer more than 150 accessories through Mopar for its all-new 2012 Fiat 500.

“The FIAT 500 is one of the most accessorized vehicles in Europe,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “We expect that trend to continue here in North America and will offer more than 150 accessories for those looking to personalize their ride. Our all-new FIAT 500 is the perfect canvas for customization.”

Following is Mopar’s list of its Top 15 accessories for the all-new 2012 FIAT 500:

Fiat 500 Key Covers

Custom Key Covers: Take a piece of the FIAT 500’s unmistakable style wherever you go. Key covers are easily changeable, come in sets of two and are available in the following designs and colors:

Blue solid/Black with graphic (MSRP: $48, PN: 82212676)
Red solid/Red with graphic (MSRP: $48, PN: 82212677)
500 logo/Checker (MSRP: $48, PN: 82212675)

Fiat 500 Graphics

Roof and Hood Graphics: Large selection of graphics and designs to cover the entire roof include American, Canadian, Italian and Mexican flags. Selection also includes a variety of race stripes and checkered and striped graphics. MSRP ranges from $319 to $534.

Fiat 500 Stripes

Body-side Stripe Graphics: Stripes are made of the highest quality 3M™ material and are available in a range of colors, sizes and designs. MSRP ranges from $409 to $439.

Fiat 500 Moulding Badge

Body-side Molding Inserts: Includes a variety of colors and designs. MSRP: $99.

FIat 500 Roof Rack

Roof Rack: Removable rack accommodates, bike, ski, watersports and luggage carriers. MSRP: $399, PN: TR484764

Fiat 500 Bike Carrier

Bike Carriers: Two bike carriers are offered: a roof-mounted bike carrier and a hitch-mounted carrier.

Roof-mounted Carrier (Rack required)
Rack: MSRP: $399, PN: TR484764
Carrier: MSRP: $116, PN: TCOES599

Hitch-mounted Carrier (Receiver required)
Receiver: MSRP: $99, PN: 82212504
Carrier: MSRP: $192, PN: TH912RWY

UCONNECT Web: Each passenger may separately access the Web on the go. In-vehicle router receives 3G broadband Internet, allowing access to social media, maps, e-mail, online games, music and more. Works with Wi-Fi-enabled device. Subscription required and sold separately. MSRP: $399 PN: 82211856AC

Fiat 500 Seat Covers

Seat Covers: Tailored for a perfect fit, these covers will protect original upholstery and won’t block seat controls. They are easily removable and washable. For Sport front seats: MSRP: $199, PN: 82212845; For Pop and Lounge front seats: PN: 82212487; For all rear seats: MSRP: $159, PN: 82212488

Fiat 500 Floor Mats

Slush Mats: Black custom-fit mats are molded and feature the 500 logo. Deep grooves help prevent water, snow and mud from getting on to the carpet. MSRP: $79, PN: 82212444AB

Fiat 500 Shift Knob

Chrome Shift Knob: Amp up the interior with a chrome shift knob. Installation is easy and all hardware is included. For automatic transmission only. MSRP: $49, PN: 82212468

Fiat 500 Chrome Fuel Door

Chrome Fuel Door: Unique, one-piece-design chromed fuel door features FIAT logo. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $209, Part Number (PN): 82212507

Fiat 500 Door Sill Moulding

Door-sill Guards: Guards, which protect door sills from scratches, are made of brushed stainless steel and include the 500 logo. MSRP: $69, PN: 82212420

Fiat 500 Chrome Hood Moulding

Chrome Hood Spear: A design cue from the original design, the spear is mounted on the center of the hood and gives a nod to the FIAT 500’s past in the form of a chrome accent that stands out in front. MSRP: $89, PN: 82212565

Fiat 500 Front End Cover

Front-end Cover: Protect your new prize from bugs, dirt, and debris. Front –end covers are designed to securely fit the countours of the FIAT 500. Unique two-piece construction allows the hood to be opened without removing the cover. MSRP: $149, Lounge and Pop PN: 82212441; Sport PN: 82212805

Molded Splash Guards: Protect lower body of vehicle with black splash guards which feature the FIAT 500 logo. For rear wheel s only. MSRP: $22, PN: 82212404

Chrysler Media

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fiat's Laura Soave Receives Helle Nice Award

Laura Soave, Head of Fiat Brand North America, has received another award. This time it is the Hellé Nice Foundation's award for "pushing boundaries" for women in the automotive industry.

Hellé Nice was a French auto racing legend and pioneer of women making a career in professional motorsports. Piloting mostly cars from Bugatti and Alfa, she ran over 100 races, set a female speed record in 1929, and set closed course endurance records that still stand. In 1930, she made an unprecedented 18-event tour of American race tracks. You can read more about Hellé Nice and the foundation started in her honor here.

This past year, Laura Soave has been honored with the La Bellissima America” (America the Beautiful) award presented by the Italian American Museum and Women's Automotive Association International's 2011 Spirit of Leadership Award.

I'd like to congratulate Ms.Soave on another well deserved award!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

US 500 Abarth Unveil Announced

European Fiat 500 Abarth
European Fiat 500 Abarth shown

Attention US 500 Abarth fans: Fiat USA has announced the public unveiling of the US Fiat 500 Abarth will take place during the Los Angeles Auto Show this November. Laura Soave, Head of the Fiat Brand in North America, told Fiat club members of the news during the awards banquet at the 2011 Fiat FreakOut.

A well placed source confirms preliminary plans for a first quarter release during 2012.

European Fiat 500 Abarth shown

Final specifications for the US Fiat 500 Abarth are yet to be announced, keep checking back as we get the latest news.

Remember, mark your calendar: November 16-17.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fiat FreakOut in Full Swing

Fiat USA is serving up test drives and refreshments!

The 2011 Fiat FreakOut is well underway. Remember, the car show and vendor area are open to the public Saturday, plus Fiat USA is giving everyone test drives of the new 500 Sedan and 500c Cabrio. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate Fiat's return to the United States!

Fiat FreakOut main page and itinerary

Fiat FreakOut history

Main Hotel

Fiat FreakOut Facebook page

New and classic Fiats are everywhere to enjoy and look at.

A drive-in movie was shown Friday night. The feature was the original "The Italian Job" with Michael Caine.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fiat Releases New iPad Application

Stop what you are doing and download this new iPad app!

Chrysler Press Release:

FIAT Brand Introduces “FIAT Source” Apple® iPad Application

  • Free application now available for download from Apple® iTunes
  • New FIAT Source app offers touch-based experience showcasing 2012 Fiat 500 and an interactive catalog
  • Premiere Art & Design issue features galleries from four emerging artists, including an active graffiti artist, a 17-year old professional photographer, a painter and sculptor, and an illustrator
  • App available for download to Apple iPad users
  • Updated quarterly, FIAT Source to launch Fashion issue this fall

July 22, 2011 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - The FIAT brand, continuing to engage customers in new and innovative ways, now puts even more electronic information at their fingertips with a free, new Apple® iPad application.

The “FIAT Source” touch-based application digitally showcases the new 2012 Fiat 500 vehicle line and is free to the public to download to their iPad device from iTunes. The premiere Art & Design issue features a gallery installment of four talented emerging artists that, like the FIAT brand, celebrate modern art, technology and design revival.

“The FIAT brand is dedicated to providing customers a unique, personalized brand experience, and the FIAT Source application is a modern way to do just that,” said Laura Soave, Head of FIAT Brand North America. “The FIAT Source app is another example of how we are better connecting with our Fiat 500 owners and fans, responding to their needs and interests and growing our relationship with them.”

FIAT Source Application FeaturesThis new FIAT brand information app will include an interactive 2012 Fiat 500 vehicle catalog that displays detailed 360-degree images, colorizer, videos and product information, as well as an accessories customization function.

Designed to stay fresh, FIAT Source will feature additional chapters, new consumer lifestyle stories and iPad-specific interaction – such as a historical design timeline of the iconic Fiat 500 vehicle. Scheduled to renew quarterly, FIAT Source issues will include music, entertainment, fashion, travel and art. With unique wallpaper and personal sketch downloads, the app creates an iPad studio of engaging customized content that is exclusive to the FIAT brand experience.

Summer 2011 Issue: Art & DesignContinuing the FIAT Brand’s tie to artistic expression, the premiere FIAT Source issue highlights four emerging artists who create their work in uniquely different ways, including:

  • A Detroit-based graffiti artist and community member who started painting the streets when graffiti was nowhere to be found in the city. He has worked on many events with the FIAT Brand
  • A 17-year-old professional photographer who started her professional career in middle school. She also captured the 2012 Fiat 500 catalog’s lifestyle images
  • An emerging artist whose style has evolved from animation study, to line drawing, to computer scanning and illustration, to painting and sculpture. He was also the first artist to paint the Fiat 500 art car at the Motor Village of LA Studio grand opening
  • A member of Public School, an Austin-based collective comprised of designers, illustrators, and photographers – this artist prefers an ink pen and paper for sketching and has used his talents on one of the FIAT art cars

Source: Chrysler Media

    On the Road to the 2011 Fiat FreakOut

    Sunday, July 17, I packed up my Fiat 500 and headed to Nashville for the 2011 Fiat FreakOut. If you are thinking the Fiat 500 is too small for a 1,000 plus mile road trip, erase those thoughts right now. The Fiat 500 proved to be a comfortable, long journey companion. Here are some observations and a few pictures from the trip...

    My wife and son came along on this journey. Those are 10 bags/cases....

    plus a box of 700 postcards, cleaning supplies, tools and a bottle of wine!

    9.5 cu.ft. ÷ 3 people X seven days = NO PROBLEM

    We kept one bag up front along with Buddy, my son's favorite pal.

    The Fiat 500 easily cruises along the highway. Down south, most highways have a 70mph speed limit. We set the cruise at 74mph and relaxed. The cruise helped because you will easily reach 80+ mph if you are not careful. Automatic climate control helped us forget the 100° outside temperature.

    On the way down from New York, we stopped by one of our favorite towns, Mt.Airy, North Carolina. This is the town on which the TV Mayberry is based.

    Downtown Mt.Airy. Wherever you park a Fiat 500, it always draws a crowd. The MINI went unnoticed.

    We left Mt.Airy Tuesday morning and arrived in Nashville later in the day. A total of one thousand easy miles...

    Nashville is a great city. Clean and good looking, there are interesting shops everywhere you turn.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Celebrate Fiat's Return to the US at the 2011 Fiat FreakOut!

    The first major gathering of new Fiat 500s in the US will take place at the 2011 Fiat FreakOut (FFO) event in Nashville, TN this week beginning Thursday, July 21 and running through Sunday, July 24. The Fiat FreakOut is Fiat Lancia Unlimited (FLU) car club's national convention.

    The show includes scenic driving tours, vintage car displays, festive meals and banquets, a drive-in movie and more. The highlight of the FFO is a formal Concours on Saturday and is open to the public.

    This year marks the return of Fiat back into the US market and the show will be an extra special event. FIAT USA is this year’s FFO presenting sponsor, and will offer FLU members and their families a Fiat 500 and 500 Cabrio ride-and-drive opportunity, state-of-the-art eco:Drive™ simulator demonstration and complimentary Italian sweet treats at the ‘FIAT Mobile Experience’. Laura Soave, Head of the Fiat Brand in North America, is scheduled to attend the car show.

    Other sponsors of the 2011 Fiat FreakOut will be well known to Fiat fans in the US. Both 500 MADNESS and Midwest-Bayless, friends and sponsors of this site, will have significant displays at FFO.

    Boris and Rachel Tilim of 500 MADNESS are shipping two highly modified Fiat 500s from California to FFO. The first car is a 500 sedan, modified with a full range of interior and exterior accesories along with performance and suspension upgrades. Their second car is a radical wide bodied 500c Cabrio that must be seen. Here are some teaser photos of the cars as they were loaded on a transporter.

    Midwest-Bayless will be displaying 4 special cars:

    1978 Fiat X1/9 - A beautiful example of a stock 1978, owned by Connie Stitzlen of Ohio.

    1984 Bertone X1/9 – This car was affected by last spring’s floods in downtown Nashville, and had a “high water mark” at the side scoops. It underwent a complete exterior, interior and mechanical restoration with performance brake, suspension and engine modifications. Owned by Dr. Michael Engle of Tennessee.

    1987 Bertone X1/9 – This car has received a Midwest-Bayless “K20 conversion”, with the complete driveline from an Acura RSX-S installed, including the 6-speed cable-shifted transaxle. This car now has 200+ HP and a curb weight of 2050 lbs, with performance brake and suspension modifications. Owned by Pete Whitstone of Texas.

    2012 Fiat 500 Prima Edizone #50 – Matt and Marnie Brannon’s around town go-kart.

    Remember, Fiat FreakOut is open to spectators, so even if you are not registered or don't own a Fiat (yet), you can still come out and enjoy the festivities.

    I look forward to seeing you there!
    Fiat FreakOut main page and itinerary

    Fiat FreakOut history

    Main Hotel

    Fiat FreakOut Facebook page

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Fiat Abarth R3T in Action

    Fiat 500 USA - Abarth R3T

    The Abarth R3T. Brutal. Tough. Uncompromising. The full on rally version of the Fiat 500 Abarth is the real deal. A descendant of the legendary Abarth race and rally cars revered by automotive experts from around the world.

    After you watch this video, the only question is: could you handle it?

    Read more about the 500 Abarth R3T here, including the full specifications.

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Fiat competes in the Mopar MoVenture Road Rally

    Mopar has a great event about to kick off today. Called the Mopar MoVenture, it is a seven day, 2,000 mile road rally starting from Detroit and ending in Golden, Colorado, at the NHRA Mopar Mile High Nationals.

    Out of the ten, two-person teams competing, two teams will be driving Fiat 500s! Follow the MoVenture on Facebook and Twitter and make sure you visit the official site here.

    Read more about the Mopar MoVenture below, courtesy of Chrysler:

    The green flag is about to drop on the first ever Mopar MoVenture road rally, as ten two-person teams pilot a wide range of 2012/2011 Chrysler Group LLC vehicles over the course of 2,000 miles in seven days.

    Beginning at – of course – the Chrysler Museum in Detroit, Michigan, the teams will set off on their journey on July 15 and reach the finish line on July 21, in Golden, Colorado at the NHRA Mopar Mile High Nationals. Along the way, they'll visit iconic scenes of Americana, face fast, muddy and surprising challenges, and battle for the chance to be crowned MoVenture champion!

    Over twenty teams were crazy enough to compete for this grueling road trip, so you know there must be a pretty sweet Grand Prize at stake. The winning team of two will win $5,000 in Mopar parts and accessories!

    After a very difficult selection process, we're proud to introduce the contestants who have been chosen to participate in MoVenture this summer! Click here to meet the lucky winners, and special thanks to all the Mopar fans that submitted so many great video applications.

    MoVenture will be a high-octane test of power, speed and wits. Follow along with our daily feeds and video highlights to see which team comes out on top. Who knows, we may even see you at one of the stops!

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Fiat 500 Wins Europe's Most Prestigious Design Award

    Original Fiat 500 Trepiùno Concept Car

    The Fiat 500 has won Europe's oldest and most prestigious design award - "Compasso d'Oro ADI" (ADI Golden Compass). This award was founded in 1954 and is only given to designs of the highest order.

    Here are the criteria used to judge the winning designs:
    • The product’s performance (usability, versatility for human diversity) and the socially innovative and responsible aspects of its design (aesthetics and form, typology, function, perception, experience, cognition). 
    • Its physical environmental impact (from production and consumption to decommissioning, disassembly, recycling or the possible reutilisation of constituent parts; from energy saving to resource optimisation). 
    • Its appropriate use of technologies, materials, components and processes.
    • Its communicative and iconic strengths.

    Fiat 500 Concept

    Fiat 500 Designer - Roberto Giolito

    An international panel chaired by Arturo Dell'Acqua Bellavitis and made up of industry experts selected the Fiat 500 out of nearly 400 designs. The award was accepted by Roberto Giolito, designer of the Fiat 500 and Fiat Design director.

    Fiat 500 Quick Sketches

    With more than 60 international awards and growing, there can be no doubt that the Fiat 500 truly is an icon of modern design.

    Fiat 500 Design Sketches

    Photos courtesy of Fiat Group Press