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Monday, February 28, 2011

2012 Fiat 500 Features and Equipment Quick Reference List

Here is the complete list of features, equipment and options available on the 2012 Fiat 500.

Fiat500USA - 2012 Fiat 500 Features and Equipment List by Fiat500USA on Scribd


Jim Romano said...

Hi Chris,
Great work as usual ! Could you shed some light on the 500 spare tire situation? I may be reading it wrong, but it appears that a spare tire is an option and a tire repair kit is standard. Yes? No? So if it's an option, has Fiat come up with some sort of clever new "fix it on the side of the road" tire repair kit ? It all sounds quite intriguing. Think it'll work? said...

Hi Jim,

The spare tire on the new 2012 Fiat 500 is optional and mounted underneath the rear of the car. It was moved there due to the redesigned body shell that was beefed up significantly for the US market. Rear impact standards in the US are more severe than Euro standards, also the rear suspension was redesigned to be more efficient.

All these changes made the tire location necessary. At first I was surprised but after I found out about all the improvements, I'm fine with it.

Others use the tire kit and it seems to work, I might still go for the optional spare, though.

Thanks again Jim,


Anonymous said...

Can't figure out whether I get a 6 CD player with the premium sound system. Sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

can't get heated seats with the manual transmission :( said...

can't get heated seats with the manual transmission :(

Yes you can. Fiat changes the option package and now you can get the heated seats!

Anonymous said...

What is the "Esc" switch on the 500 dashboard? said...

ESC is "Electronic Stability Control" and it works great!

Brannon V said...

I am just wondering, are you able to have a tow bar installed? I need to be able to tow a sea doo. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

@ Brannon - maybe buy a _slightly_ larger car? The 500, like most small hatchbacks and sedans, is optimized for gas mileage and urban zipping/parking, not for towing. And I suspect that used car buyers will be wary of the wear and tear if you put a tow bar on it. But if you must have an answer you will probably need to wait for one of those "comparison shopping" tools to include the data.

Anonymous said...

Can someone answer this for me? It looks like the Pop has the base seat. The Sport has the sport seat with better bolsters and leg support. So which design does the Lounge have? It looks like the Lounge cloth seat is the base seat and the Lounge leather seat is the sport seat. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...

@Brannon V

The electronic version of the 2012 Fiat 500 manual says, "Trailer towing with this model is not recommended."

Anonymous said...

So the Fiat 500 is an electric car, right? It also has besides the two seats in front it also has two in the rear? Even though its ment for two passengers in the back can i fit three people? Also if it is an electric how do I charge it when I'm nowhere near an electrical car charging outlet thingy? I live in the suburbs people, not the city! I really would like this to be my first car! One more question. Is the price for a Fiat 500 reasonable considering it's a new model or are there other newer cars like the Fiat that have a lesser price. Please I'm about to turn 17 and I don't exactly have the healthiest of wallets out there, (meaning I'm penniless).

Anonymous said...

Assume you have used the compact spare to replace a flat. Will the full size flat tire fit the harness the compact spare occupied or will you have to stow the full size flat tire inside the car?

Unknown said...

can a 500 sport be ordered from the factory with the 16" 17 spoke black mopar wheels as shown in the 'accessorize' portion of the 2012 catalogue?

is there any way to get the new glass roof from the lounge (not the sunroof) on a sport as well?

Anonymous said...

whats their max speed? i haven't seen a fiat on the highway? are they not designed for it? or not safe enough?