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Monday, November 16, 2009

What are the differences between the Pop, Sport and Lounge versions of the Fiat 500?

Fiat 500 with Chrome kit

In Europe, there are 4 versions of the 500 (Naked, Pop, Sport and Lounge). The Naked version is sold in select countries. The other three are more commonly marketed in most countries, however, it is yet to be announced what versions will come to the US.

One of the popular features of the 500 is the high level of standard equipment and also the high level of customization / accessories available (if you take all the accessories into account, there is calculated to be 549,936 combinations available to customize a 500 ). Rest assured, Chrysler's Mopar accessory division will be gearing up to offer these accessories for the 500.

Here's a brief rundown on the standard features that come on the different versions. For more details click here to view a complete list of standard features (this document should be viewed in full screen for best readability).

Fiat 500 Pop interior

The Pop version equipment includes: two front airbags, two curtain-bags, two side airbags and one knee-bag, ABS complete with EBD, front headlights with daytime running lights, specific upholstery with a choice of Ivory or Black elements, Dualdrive electric power steering, black electric wing mirrors, height-adjustable steering wheel, centralized locking and electric windows, 175/65 R14” steel wheels with integral wheel hubs.
Fiat 500 with seven airbags

The 500 Pop specification is available with all three engines, but with the 100 bhp 1.4 16v the outfit includes the sophisticated ESP system and an instrument panel with sporty graphics.

Fiat 500 Lounge interior

The Lounge and Sport add exclusive equipment to the 500 Pop. The Lounge version includes the Chrome kit which features chrome around the side window mouldings, on the exhaust tailpipe, on the trim of the inside door handle, the gear lever and the front and rear bumpers.

The Chrome kit comes with chrome tail pipe, window and bumper mouldings

On the outside, the new 500 Lounge features 185/55 R15” alloys, electric body-colored wing mirrors and a fixed glass roof with sunshade. Inside, it features special fabrics, a leather-upholstered steering wheel with the controls for the optional Blue&Me system, manual climate control, a radio, CD and MP3 player, a height adjustable front seat, a 50/50 split rear seat with head-restraints, a key with customized remote control and an active handle on the tailgate.

Fiat 500 Sport interior

The Sport version includes sport seats with special foam, a rear spoiler, interior upholstery in exclusive colors and fabrics, a chrome-plated exhaust tailpipe and chrome inserts in the door sills.
The 500 Lounge and Sport come with this passenger seat storage area

The Fiat 500 Sport also offers 185/55 R15” sporty alloys, manual climate control, a sport steering wheel with the controls for the optional Blue&Me system, a radio with CD and MP3 player, and electric mirrors painted the same color as the bodywork.

The Sport and Lounge equipped with the 100 bhp 1.4 16v engine also offer the ESP system as standard equipment and an instrument panel with sport graphics.

*Note: This post was about the European Fiat 500. While there are some similarities in trim between the Euro Pop, Sport and Lounge and the US cars, the cars themselves are quite different. The link below explores all the differences and modifications done to sell the Fiat 500 in the US.


Trish Stratus said...

What a very cool car

Anonymous said...

Taking my driving lessons in one of these. Lovely car.. In fact I am so impressed I'm going to be buying a good second hand one as my run around.

It is light, nippy for its engine size, stylish and quite comfortable and a joy to drive.

Anonymous said...

Back In 1977 I had the chance to drive the fiat 500.
Over the years always thought about a compact car, evaluate and tested several kind and models but no Fiat.
Went to Italy in January 2021 rented a 500 lounge, what a difference 1977 - 2021, drove 1,100 miles, I was so impressed!!! Gas consumption!!!, handling!!!, speed!, roomy!
I decided to buy one when get back to USA.
Last week I got it, my daughter, my wife, and my son-in-law drove it, they all felt in love with it.
I will keep my SUV in the garage, my Fiat 500 would be my every day car. BRAVO FIAT Mike MM. Florida..

Anonymous said...

I love my Fiat 500, it's nice to drive and the turbo and shifting is fun. Gets good gas mileage and I put eye lashes on it by the head lights and it's super cute. The only thing I don't like at all is I was told it had a sun roof, but when I tried to open it, it don't open. It's a window on the top of my car? Why?