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Monday, June 29, 2015

2015 Fiat FreakOut Deadline Near!

Fiat FreakOut

Attention Fiat fans and owners! The July 1 normal registration deadline for the 2015 Fiat FreakOut is drawing near. After this Wednesday, there is a $50 late fee, so get your registration in now! The Fiat FreakOut is the largest get together of Fiat Group cars in North America! A four-day event that is filled with cars, activities and enjoyable, fun people. This year the FreakOut, which is in its 32nd year, will be held at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix as part of the Italian Cortile car show and promises to be the best one yet. Expect to see numerous examples of beautiful and exotic Italian design, plus car show participants get passes to the races.

The 2015 Fiat FreakOut runs July 15-19. Visit the Fiat Club America website to get more info. Don't miss it!

2015 Fiat FreakOut Logo

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Alfa Romeo Giulia Press Introduction

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Introduction

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia was shown for the first time Wednesday at a press event held at the Alfa Romeo Museum near Milan. For the debut, Alfa Romeo brought out the range-topping Giulia Quadrifoglio, a high performance model that will rival the top German performance sedan in its segment.

Below is the full press release on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio introduction:

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Front Quarter View

World preview of the Alfa Romeo Giulia

  • Perfect blend of the new Alfa Romeo paradigm and maximum expression of the 'meccanica delle emozioni', the new model encapsulates 105 years of style excellence and Italian technology.
  • Its distinctive design expresses three quintessential features of Italian design: sense of proportions, simplicity and high quality surface finish.
  • The new Alfa Romeo badge, now refreshed while preserving its legendary shape and unmistakable style, stands out in the middle of the famous front trefoil nose.
  • The entire 'creation' centers around the driver and the promise of exhilarating driving experiences with sensitive steering, responsive acceleration and prompt shifting and braking.
  • Rear or four-wheel drive is more than just a tribute to the most authentic roots of the Alfa Romeo legend: it is also a technical solution which guarantees high performance and astounding fun.
  • State-of-the-art, innovative engines: a six-cylinder 510 HP, inspired by Ferrari technologies, the brand's new powertrain reference, will be introduced on the Quadrifoglio version.
  • Performance is thrilling: from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.
  • Perfect weight distribution (50/50 across the two axles), sophisticated suspensions (the front is an Alfa Romeo exclusive) and the most direct steering on the market.
  • Unique, exclusive technical solutions, like Torque Vectoring for outstanding stability control, Integrated Brake System for considerably reducing braking distance and Active Aero Splitter for active high-speed downforce management.
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia combines extraordinary engine performance and the ample use of ultralight materials, like carbon fibre, aluminium, aluminium composite and plastic, to obtain the best weight-to-power ratio (lower than 3kg/hp).
  • The model was introduced to the international press in the renovated Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, Italy ,which will reopen on June 30 for enthusiasts and researchers worldwide.

The Giulia, the top-of-the-range model sporting the legendary Quadrifoglio badge, was introduced to the international press at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, near Milan, today.

It was a special event and a celebration of Alfa Romeo's over one century of history: in fact, today the brand celebrates its 105th year of auto making, a goal which it shares with a very select club of manufacturers, which is even smaller when considering the brand's worldwide sales successes and its racing victories.

A.L.F.A. (standing for 'Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili', which translates as 'Lombard Automobile Factory, Public Company' in English) was established on June 24, 1910. Today, on June 24, 2015, a new page of the brand which never ceases to surprise is being written by introducing a new model, a genuine manifesto which concentrates past, present and future and is one of the most brilliant examples of automobile excellence.

There could be no better venue for this splendid event within the event than the new Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. The brand's 'home' will be opening its doors to the general public again on June 30. The renovated facility hosts Alfa Romeo's most famous and innovative creations. These cars have written some of the most important pages in automotive history and are, still today, sources of inspiration for young Alfa Romeo designers.

These include an elite team of engineers, designers and stylists known within FCA as the 'Skunks', a sobriquet used in industries in the USA to identify the best squads to whom the most delicate and technologically innovative missions are entrusted. Sharing a common love for Alfa Romeo and its unique concept of cars as 'mechanical creations' which transcend the realm of necessity to verge on that of the most authentic emotions and not just 'useful means of transport', the 'Skunks' have one goal: to create the Alfa Romeo of the future respecting the heritage resulting from the work and pride of thousands of people - engineers, factory workers and managers - who have taken turns in the factories, offices and on the race tracks.

Alfa Romeo New Logo
New Alfa Romeo Logo

Alfa Romeo Old Logo
Previous Alfa Logo

The new Alfa Romeo logo
Alfa Romeo Giulia perfectly embodies the brand's new paradigm remaining loyal to its century-long tradition: not by chance, only who has a great past can face the challenges of the future. The respect for the brand's proud history is demonstrated also by the original badge - designed by Robilant Associati - that the new model will show to the world for the first time: the emblem has been renewed and modernized on the outside while, the distinctive shape and style elements which have made it an admired symbol the World over remain untouched.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio at Arese

'La meccanica delle emozioni'
Five are the elements which made Alfa Romeo one of the world's most desirable automotive brands: distinctive Italian design, state-of-the-art, innovative engines, perfect 50/50 weight distribution, unique technical solutions and the best weight-to-power ratio. These are the indispensable ingredients for creating an Alfa Romeo.

Just sitting in the new Alfa Romeo is like entering a new dimension which centers around the driver, firing emotions and the promise of exhilarating driving experiences. Merit goes to the sensitive steering, the responsive acceleration and the prompt shifting and braking. Additionally, rear or four-wheel drive is more than just a tribute to the most authentic roots of the Alfa Romeo legend: it is also a technical solution which offers high performance and astounding enjoyment.

In Alfa Romeo, this is all summed up by the words 'la meccanica delle emozioni'. This bold, distinctive pay-off will be publicized worldwide in Italian only to pay homage to the homeland where the legend was born over one century ago. Still today, the brand carries Italian-made pride on everyday roads, on the most famous race tracks and in the hearts of millions of enthusiasts in the four corners of the Earth.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Side View

Distinctive Italian design
An Alfa Romeo springs from the perfect balance of heritage, speed and beauty which makes it the highest expression of Italian style in the automotive world. The new Giulia is no exception because it encapsulates three particularities of Italian design: sense of proportions, simplicity and care for surface quality. This is the 'skin' that Alfa Romeo stylists have modeled with painstaking care on the mechanical parts.

In particular, the proportions are based on the technical architecture of the entire car: for Alfa Romeo the key elements were the 50/50 weight balance and rear wheel drive. In order to balance the weights perfectly, the engine and the mechanical parts are arranged between the two axles. This is why the Giulia has very short overhangs, a long bonnet and front wings, a retracted passenger compartment 'settled' on the drive wheels and muscular rear wings which visually mark the point where power is unleashed onto the road. All this translates into a very generous wheelbase - the longest in its category - but contained in one of the most compact bodies. These proportions draw the dynamic shape of an ellipsis in plan view. Furthermore, the rounded angles and the enveloping pillars convey momentum to the car creating a 'teardrop-shaped' profile which is reminiscent of the Giulietta Sprint, one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Rear View

A second aspect of the Italian style is 'simplicity' which enshrouds what is in fact the most complex creative processes in industry: designing a car. It is up to style to conceal the long, complex work behind a simple, natural line which enhances elegant shapes and sophisticated Italian taste. This approach permeates the entire history of Alfa Romeo expressed by means of clean, taut lines. For this reason, the new Alfa Romeo boasts a strong identity drawn in few simple strokes: a line gouged along the sides which marks the doors and envelops the handles and, naturally, the legendary trefoil nose, possibly the most famous and recognizable style element in automotive history.

Finally, Italian style is characterized by a high quality surface finish which means creating rich, harmonious reflections across the volumes. The end result is the new Giulia, a sculptured shape reminiscent of a big cat just about to pounce. The same inspiration is found inside the car. Everything is clean, essential and centers around the driver, such as the controls grouped on the small steering wheel designed to adapt to all driving styles. And more. The driver's position was 'cut' as a fabric with a diagonal tunnel, a slightly undulated dashboard and cleverly oriented instruments which convey the impression of a tailor-made suit with hand-crafted care and premium materials: carbon fiber, wood and fabrics are chosen for their visual and tactile pleasantness and assembled in such a way to make the human touch visible.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Front

State-of-the-art, innovative engines
State-of-the-art, innovative engines are another characterizing element of a genuine Alfa Romeo. For this reason, a unique engine in terms of technology and performance, destined to become the new benchmark of the brand, has been created for the Quadrifoglio version.

The six-cylinder turbo petrol tuned by engineers with Ferrari background delivers 510 HP and exhilarating performance: for instance, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds. Incidentally, despite the sensational power and torque output, the new engine is surprisingly fuel efficient and implements an electronically controlled cylinder deactivation system. Obviously, as all next-generation petrol and diesel engines, this six-cylinder is made entirely of aluminium to reduce weight particularly on the front axle of the car and make that genuinely Alfa Romeo sound.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Wheels

Perfect weight distribution
A peculiarity of the new Giulia is the astute management of weights and materials to obtain a perfect 50/50 distribution across the two axles. This is fundamental to secure the typical Alfa Romeo driving satisfaction and reached by tweaking the layout and arranging the heavier elements in the most central position possible.

The suspensions are as essential for optimal ride as weight distribution. In particular, a multilink solution ensuring top performance, driving pleasure and comfort has been chosen for the rear axle. On the front, instead, a new double wishbone suspension with semi-virtual steering axis was developed to optimise the filtering effect and guarantee rapid, accurate steering. This Alfa Romeo exclusive keeps the constant caster trail on corners and can tackle high lateral accelerations as a result of the always perfect footprint.In any situation and at all speeds, driving Alfa Romeo Giulia with the most direct steering ratio available is natural and instinctive.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Fender Vent

Innovative, exclusive technical solutions
As a further expression of the Alfa Romeo engineering culture, the design, the build and the choice of materials of the chassis and the suspensions is always perfect. As a consequence, it was decided that electronics should only be used to make the driving experience guaranteed by excellent basic mechanicals even more exhilarating.

This is demonstrated by the exclusive technical solutions present on the new car, like Torque Vectoring with a double clutch to allow the rear differential to control the torque delivery to each wheel separately. In this manner, power transmission to the road is improved also in low grip conditions. So, the driving is safe and fun without ever having to run up against an invasive stability control system. The Integrated Brake System - an innovative electromechanical system which combines stability control and a traditional servo brake for instantaneous brake response and consequent record-breaking stopping distances in addition to the all-important weight optimization - is being introduced on the new Alfa Romeo.

 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Active Aero Splitter

Together with an excellent Cx, a perfect balance of forces on corners and downforce behaviour, the new model has Active Aero Splitter, a front system which actively manages downforce for higher performance and better grip even at high speed. These state-of-the-art systems are all governed by Chassis Domain Control, the 'brains' of the on-board electronics which assigns the specific task of optimising performance and driving pleasure to each one.

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia also features a renewed Alfa DNA which modifies the car's dynamic behaviour according to the driver's selection: Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient (energy efficiency mode implemented for the first time on an Alfa Romeo) and naturally Racing (on high performance versions).

The passenger compartment of the new car offers the best in terms of quality, safety, equipment and comfort with a specific, profoundly Alfa Romeo style element: the centrality of the driver.

Not by chance, all the main controls are incorporated in the steering wheel as on a Formula 1 car, while the human-machine interface consists of two simple, user-friendly knobs for adjusting the Alfa DNA selector and the infotainment system.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Tailight

The best weight-to-power ratio
To obtain an excellent weight-to-power ratio (remarkably lower than 3kg/hp), Alfa Romeo Giulia combines extraordinary engine performance and the ample use of ultralight materials throughout. For example, carbon fiber was chosen for the propeller shaft, the bonnet and the roof and aluminium was picked for the engine, brakes, suspension (including front domes and front and rear frames), in addition to many other body components, such as the doors and the wings. Furthermore, the rear crossmember is made of aluminum composite and plastic.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Rear Brakes

In order to decrease the total weight, the braking system was tweaked using aluminium elements and carbon ceramic discs and the seats have a carbon fibre structural frame. Despite all this weight optimization, the car boasts the best torsional rigidity in its class to guarantee quality over time, acoustic comfort and handling even in conditions of extreme stress.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alfa Romeo Giulia Unveiling Soon!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo will unveil its new Giulia sports sedan today in Italy. The model shown will be the Giulia Quadrifoglio, a 500 hp BMW M3 killer. The Alfa Romeo Giulia will herald in a rebirth of Alfa Romeo as a serious player in the sports sedan market, a segment the company created with legendary sedans from the past. These models include the Giulietta from the 1950s and larger Giulia from the 1960s. In particular, the original Giulia offered high performance and sophisticated styling and aerodynamics in a practical sedan body. The use of twin cam engines, four-wheel disc brakes and 5-speed manual transmissions in the 1960s was well ahead of the competition and preceded BMW, a company that likes to claim it invented the sports sedan. Now with the introduction of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the Italian company can rightly take a seat at the high-performance sports sedan table.

 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Berlina
The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Berlina from 1955 - 1964 had high-performance features like an all-aluminum twin-cam engine, highly capable brakes and well thought out suspension for excellent handling. It set the pattern for sporty sedans.

The new Giulia Quadrifoglio will use a Ferrari derived 510-hp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine. In fact, the whole Giulia project has been overseen by ex-Ferrari managers and engineers. Alfa Romeo has been given a blank check to come up with a car that tops the competition, not only in performance, but in design and driver enjoyment. To achieve these goals, expect advanced technology and manufacturing techniques like the use of carbon fiber hoods and roofs. Weight is the enemy of performance and the new Giulia Quadrifoglio is said to weigh as little as 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs.). When combined with 500+ hp, the Giulia Quadrifoglio is expected to outperform the benchmarks like the M3 and Audi RS 4.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina
The Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina from 1962 - 1978 took the concept and pushed it even further. The car used Alfa's race winning twin cam engines coupled to a 5-speed gearbox and powerful brakes and could be a stunning performer. It easily outclassed and out-performed its competition in its heyday. The rather upright 4-door sedan was actually one of the most aerodynamic in its day and even sported a lower coefficient of drag than a Porsche 911.

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
The Alfa Romeo 156 GTA from 2001 took the sports sedan roots of the past and combined it with Alfa's fantastic V6 for an ultra-exciting ride. Alfa's V6 is acknowledged as one of the worlds greatest and when mixed with the sexy GTA package you had an instant cult-classic. The new Giulia Quadrifoglio promises to take Alfa back home to the top of the compact high-performance sport sedan segment.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio will debut later today around 7 PM at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, near Milan, on the 105th anniversary of the founding of the company. The Giulia Quadrifoglio is expected to go on sale early next year in Europe and a few months later in North America. We will have more information when it is available.

Friday, June 19, 2015

2016 Fiat 500 Spotted, Debuting Soon.

Image of the 2016 Fiat 500 front end, courtesy of AlVolante

Images of undisguised 2016 Fiat 500 hatchbacks have been published on the Italian website AlVolante. They show the front fascia of the 2016 Fiat 500 has subtle changes to the grille opening and bumper shape including a new character line running under the European high-beam headlight / US turn signal. The Fiat 500's trademark chrome whiskers have been reshaped and new chrome accents added to the front intake opening. The grille mesh texture has also been revised. Headlights that show a family relationship to the 500X crossover and new, LED daytime running lights are also featured on the new 500.

Images of the rear of the 2016 500 published in the Alvolante story show a similar reshaping of the back bumper with a chrome accent placed a little lower that the current car's bumper rub strip. The taillights have been redesigned and now use LED technology.

Other exterior changes are new alloy wheel designs, and new exterior paint colors will be offered.

The refreshed 2016 500 is getting an interior makeover incorporating some of the 2011 North American 500 updates. These include a covered glovebox, replacing the open parcel shelf used in Europe, and round power window switches taking the place of the trapezoidal ones previously used. A redesigned steering wheel with chrome inserts is also new as well as the fabric and leather upholstery offered.

Image showing the 2016 Fiat 500 Uconnect Navigation System. courtesy of Italian Quattroruote website.

The most prominent change to the interior will be a navigation unit integrated into the dashboard, replacing the previous add-on TomTom unit that was mounted to the top of the dash via a detachable cradle. The new nav unit will be Chrysler's award-winning Uconnect system, known for its ease of uses and full feature set.

Mechanically, the 2016 Fiat 500 will receive new front brakes.

All told, the new 2016 Fiat 500 retains the iconic style of the 2007 design but with a fresh face and improved functionality. It is a welcome update while we wait for a more thorough redesign, currently expected to show up sometime after 2017.

Look for the refreshed 2016 Fiat 500 to debut on July 4th this year. It is the 58th anniversary of the 500 and Fiat says it has big plans to celebrate. Keep an eye on this spot.

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Images used with permission from AlVolante and Quattroruote

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fiat 500X Accessory List

Fiat 500X with accessories

The Fiat 500X is one of the most personalizable cars in its segment. Mopar, the parts and accessories division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) offers more than 100 accessories for the 500X so owners can make their car unique. Below is the preliminary list of accessories available for the Fiat 500X, including part numbers and manufacturer's suggested retail pricing. Make sure you visit your Fiat Studio for more information.

  • TCXPS820 - Roof-Mount Top Basket, Small - $ 499.00
  • TCOES599 - Upright-Mount Roof Bike Carrier - $ 120.00
  • TCFKM526 Fork-Mount Roof Bike Carrier - $ 133.00
  • TCBOX624 Roof-Mount Cargo Carrier- 13 cubic feet - $ 566.00
  • TCINT869 Roof-Mount Luggage Carrier - $ 207.00
  • TCS92725 Roof-Mount Ski/Snowboard Carrier(6 pairs of skies or 4 snowboards) - $ 216.00
  • TCKAY883 Roof-Mount Kayak Carrier - $ 135.00
  • TCSUP811 - Roof-Mount Surfboard/Stand up Paddle Board Carrier - $ 189.00
  • 82209422AB - Black Cargo Net - $ 50.00
  • 68291738AA - Adjustable Cross Bars (Removable)(Note: Requires purchase of Black Roof Side Rails and will not work with a Sunroof) - $ 163.00
  • 68281916AA - Black Roof Side Rails - $ 355.00
  • 82212556 - Cargo Tote, FIAT Logo - $ 50.60
  • 68220805AA - Blocks Kit - $ 69.00
  • 68220806AA - Collapsible Plastic Crate - $ 85.70
  • 68220381AA - Retractable Cargo Band - $ 79.00
  • 68218339AA - Aluminum Telescopic Bar - $ 112.00
  • 68291737AA - Load Floor Cargo Management System - $ 499.00
  • 82214408 - Molded Cargo Tray, FIAT Logo - $ 75.00

Fiat 500X Mirror Caps

  • 68263340AA - Chrome Body Side Molding - $ 315.00
  • 68263342AA - Red Hypnotique Body Side Molding - $ 315.00
  • 68263343AA - White Body Side Molding - $ 315.00
  • 68263344AA - Matte Bronze Body Side Molding - $ 315.00
  • 68263345AA - Grey Body Side Molding - $ 315.00
  • 68263346AA - Chrome Hood Spear - $ 95.00
  • 68263339AA - Chrome Fog Light Bezels - $ 135.00
  • 68280277AA - Grey Mirror Covers - $ 95.00
  • 68280273AA - Tri-coat Yellow Mirror Covers - $ 95.00
  • 68280274AA - Orange Mirror Covers - $ 95.00
  • 68280276AA - Matte Bronze Mirror Covers - $ 95.00
  • 68280278AA - Red Hypnotique Mirror Covers - $ 95.00
  • 68280272AA - White Mirror Covers - $ 95.00
  • 68280269AA - Solid Black Mirror Covers - $ 95.00
Fiat 500X Door Sill Mouldings

  • 82214563 - Molded Splash Guards, Front without logo - $ 49.00
  • 82214564 - Molded Splash Guards, Rear with "X" Logo - $ 45.00
  • 82214592 - Door Sill Guards, 500 Logo - $ 85.00
  • 82214391 - Air Deflector-Side Windows - $ 105.00

  • 68222102AA - Seat Covers, Rear Only - $ 118.00
  • 82214566 - Front End Cover- Easy, Pop and Lounge Models - $ 125.00
  • 82214567 - Front End Cover-Trekking Models - $ 125.00
  • 82214568 - Outdoor Vehicle Cover, Grey with FIAT Logo - $ 150.00
  • 68280279AA - Indoor Dust Cover, White with FIAT and 500X Logo - $ 165.00
  • 82214813 - Transparent Stone Chip Protection- Pop, Easy, Lounge Model - $ 395.00
  • 82214816 - Transparent Stone Chip Protection- Trekking Model - $ 395.00

  • 68263350AA - 500X Logo Topside Graphic (Incl. Hood, Roof and Spoiler), Red - $ 175.00
  • 68263352AA - 500X Logo Topside Graphic (Incl. Hood, Roof and Spoiler), Grey - $ 175.00
  • 82214954 - Racing Checkerboard with Orange Trimmed X Graphic Package (Incl. Hood and Bodyside Graphic) - $ 170.00
  • 82214955 - Racing Checkerboard with Red Hypnotique X Graphic Package (Incl: Bodyside Graphic) - $ 170.00
  • 82214961 - Special Edition "Rebel" Graphic Package (includes Hood, Roof, Spoiler and - $ 495.00
  • 82214956 - 500 Tri-coat Yellow Marker (Bodyside) - $ 100.00
  • 82214957 - Italian Racing Stripe Hood Graphic - $ 165.00
  • 82214958 - White Hockey Stick Bodyside Graphic $ 165.00
  • 82214959 - Orange "X" Double Stripe Graphic (Bodyside) - $ 165.00
  • 82214960 - Triple Black Hood Graphic - $ 165.00
  • 68263354AA - 500X Logo Topside Graphic (Inc. Hood, Roof and Spoiler), Black - $ 175.00
  • 68263355AA - 500X Logo Topside Graphic (Inc. Hood, Roof and Spoiler), White - $ 175.00
  • 68263356AA - Tailwind Stripe (Incl. Bodyside Graphic), Red - $ 170.00
  • 68263357AA - Tailwind Stripe (Incl. Bodyside Graphic), Grey - $ 170.00
  • 82212878 - Fender Badge, RH/LH, Canadian - $ 19.45
  • 82212879 - Fender Badge, RH/LH, Mexican/Italian - $ 19.45
  • 82212881 - Fender Badge, RH/LH, Mopar Logo - $ 19.45
  • 82213961 - Fender Badge, RH/LH, American Flag - $ 27.00
  • 82213496 - Chrome Slim Edge License Plate Frame - $ 30.00
  • 82213492 - Satin Black Slim Edge License Plate Frame - $ 30.00
  • 82213491 - Chrome License Plate Frame, 500 Logo $ 38.00
  • 82213494 - Satin Black License Plate Frame, 500 Logo $ 38.00

  • 68263358AA - 18" Alloy Granite Textured Finish Wheel $ 275.00
  • 68263359AA - 18" Alloy Bright White Diamond-Cut Wheel - $ 275.00
  • 68263360AA - 18" Alloy Bright Black Diamond-Cut Wheel - $ 275.00
  • 82214871 - Wheel Locks - $ 50.00
  • 82213716 - Valve Stem Caps, Chrome, FIAT logo, four per set - $ 18.00
  • 82213717 - Value Stem Caps, Black, FIAT logo, four per set - $ 18.00
  • 82212566 - Roadside Safety Kit , FIAT Logo - $ 106.00
  • 82212850 - Replacement Sealant for Tire Inflator - $ 39.80

  • 82214679AB - Spare Tire Kit - $ 295.00
  • 82214294AB - Heated Windshield Washer Solvent Kit (1.4L engine) - $ 185.00

  • 68263364AA - Key Covers, Italian Theme and Black Granite 500X - $ 99.00

  • 68280284AA - Premium Carpet Mats, 500 Badge Logo - $ 125.00
  • 68280283AA - Premium Carpet Mats, 500 Embossed Logo - $ 125.00
  • 82214405 - Premium Slush Mats, FIAT Logo - $ 85.00
Fiat 500X Stainless Steel Pedal Kit

  • 82214268 - Bright Stainless Steel Pedal Kit, MTX - $ 150.00

FIAT 500X MOPAR EVTS (Electronic Vehicle Tracking System) AND WEB
  • 82212459 - Mopar EVTS, Silver Package - $ 149.00
  • 82212589 - Mopar EVTS, Fleet Package - $ 463.00
  • 82212613 - Mopar EVTS, Gold Package - $ 249.00
  • 82212706 - Mopar EVTS, Lot Protection - $ 24.75
  • 82212868 - Mopar EVTS, Silver Package - $ 118.00
  • 82212869 - Mopar EVTS, Gold Package - $ 192.00
  • 82214066 - Mopar EVTS, Silver Impact Package *Must be used with Silver Service card - 82212459 - $ 50.00
  • 82213761AC - Mopar EVTS Gen II (US) - $ 499.00
  • 82213762AC - Mopar EVTS Gen II (Canada) - $ 509.00
  • 82214908 - Mopar Web Wiring Harness(Requires purchase of Mopar Web module) - $ 100.00
  • 82214907 - Mopar Web Module(Requires purchase of Mopar Web Wiring harness) - $ 395.00

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fiat 500X Suspension and Chassis

Fiat 500X Cross (European Trekking)

The Fiat 500X is a crossover that drives more like a sports sedan than an SUV. This is due to the use of a sophisticated 4-wheel independent suspension with special tuning and an extremely rigid chassis. Fiats are born in the city of Torino, located at the base of the Italian Alps. To excel in this mountainous local, Italian cars are expected to have nimble, predictable and safe handling. The typical mushy, vague SUV handling characteristics don't cut it in this environment. To live up to its Italian heritage, Fiat ditches the truck derived suspension a traditional SUV uses for something different. The following is a look at the Fiat 500X suspension and chassis.

Koni Shock Absorber Technology
The Fiat 500X uses Koni frequency selective damping (FSD) technology in its front strut and rear shock absorbers. Koni is a maker of premium shock absorbers and are typically found on high end and exotic cars. Koni FSD technology gives the 500X a high level of suspension control, yet still delivers a comfortable ride.

Fiat 500X Front Suspension
Up front, the Fiat 500X uses a MacPherson Strut suspension system that is known for its compact dimensions and low unsprung weight. Weight is a critical element in suspension design as having a heavy suspension system inhibits the tire's ability to maintain contact with the road. A suspension that is light can react quicker to road surface irregularities, which is what you want on rough mountain roads. The front suspension on the Fiat 500X has been optimized for improved geometry and elastokinematic* characteristics with the goal of enhancing steering response and handling.

Fiat 500X Front and Rear Suspensions
Click for larger image

An interesting bit of trivia is while the suspension design is typically referred to as MacPherson strut, named after a Ford engineer who popularized the design in the late 1940's. Fiat originally patented a strut type suspension some 20 years earlier. The Fiat Strut uses a wishbone lower control arm to anchor the suspension strut, while the MacPherson design employs a single I-shaped lower control arm and a sway bar to do double duty as an anti-roll bar and suspension locating device. The Fiat way of anchoring the control arm actually offers a more precise way of locating the wheels during suspension movement and is the style most commonly used or adapted for modern use.

Fiat 500X Front Suspension

Other notable features of the Fiat 500X front suspension are:
  • A high-strength-steel front cross member that increases the car's rigidity and is integrated into the third load path for improved crash performance.
  • Lower control arms are also made from high-strength-steel for long life. Cars equipped with All-Wheel-Drive have control arms made with a double thickness of high-strength-steel for additional ruggedness.
  • The anti-roll bar end links that connect to the struts are made of composite material and not the commonly used steel. This solution is typically reserved for premium applications and has been carefully optimized to balance suspension and chassis forces. Additionally, the design is effective at filtering out vibrations which improves ride quality. The anti-roll bar diameter is 25 mm.
  • The strut features an offset coil spring that reduces side load forces acting on the strut which results in improved absorption of slight unevenness in the road surface. Coil springs made of high-strength-steel keeps weight down.

Fiat 500X Rear Suspension

Fiat 500X Rear Suspension
The rear suspension on the Fiat 500X consists of a Chapman struts, high-strength-steel transverse control arms and lower trailing arms, an isolated steel rear cradle, coil springs, and stabilizer bar.

Details of the 500X rear suspension are:
  • Rear suspension support or cradle has been specifically optimized for strength/weight ratio depending on whether front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.
  • As in the front, coil springs are offset along the thrust angle for improved rough road performance. A coil spring isolator is used at their base for enhanced quietness. Rear coil springs are also made of high-strength-steel.
  • Rear struts feature extra rigidity for improved ride quality.

Fiat 500X Chassis
Click for larger image

Fiat 500X Chassis
Tying the suspension together is a stiff chassis. To effectively tune a suspension for precise handling, a chassis that doesn't flex is vital. The chassis of the Fiat 500X consists of 70 percent high-strength-steel and a good amount of aluminum and magnesium. The extremely rigid chassis is the perfect host for the flexible suspension. Along with being strong, high-strength-steel is also light and the results can be seen when looking at the car's relatively light 2,967 - 3,278 lbs curb weight.

Fiat 500X Suspension
Click for larger image

The results are a crossover utility vehicle that is fun to drive, and has great handling and high-speed stability. Exactly what is needed in the Alps or a brisk drive on your favorite local road.

Fiat 500X US Production Beginning, Reserve Yours Today

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*Elastokinematics Definition: The calculation and optimization of a suspension system including elastic effects and forces.

Chassis Handbook: Fundamentals, Driving Dynamics, Components, Mechatronics ... By Bernd Heißing, Metin Ersoy
The New Fiat Guide by Jan P Norbye 1969, Fiat 500 E Learn Manual
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fiat 500 Steering Clunk Fix

Fiat 500C Dashboard

Fiat has released a technical service bulletin that addresses an annoyance some owners of 2012 -2015 Fiat 500 hatchback and Cabrio have been experiencing. Fiat owners may have noticed an occasional noise or clunk while turning the steering wheel. This can happen when the car is sitting still and the driver turns the steering wheel left and right or when driving slowly and doing the same maneuver.

The sound manifests itself as a clunking, popping, or knocking noise emanating from the lower steering column while turning the steering wheel. If this is the case, the fix involves replacing the steering intermediate shaft. It is a simple repair that normally requires about a half hour to complete on most 500 models and just over an hour on 500e all-electric vehicles.

Contact your Fiat dealer for more details.

Fiat Technical Bulletin number: 19-002-15: Clunking Noise From The Steering Column While Turning The Steering Wheel

Replacing the steering intermediate shaft.
Models effected:
2012 - 2015 (FF) Fiat 500

NOTE:Applies to vehicles built on or after January 1, 2012 (MDH
0101XX) and on or before March 24, 2015 (MDH 0324XX).

Clunking, popping, knocking noise from the lower steering column while turning the steering wheel.

Note: Your there are specific procedures the dealer will have to perform to verify the issue.

Replacement part number:
1 68105066AE - Steering Column Intermediate Shaft Kit
(includes fasteners)

Read more:

Source: FCA

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Palmen FIAT Adds Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and Spider

Our friends at Palmen FIAT, Wisconsin's largest Fiat dealer, sent us a note telling us the good news that they were chosen to become an Alfa Romeo dealer.

Palmen Auto Stores Adds Alfa Romeo Franchise

Andy Palmen- President
Palmen Auto Stores

KENOSHA- The Palmen Auto Stores with 5 dealerships in Kenosha and Racine announced today that it was one of a few select dealers in Wisconsin to be awarded an Alfa Romeo franchise. Alfa Romeo, one of Europe’s most successful brands based in Italy and owned by Italian automotive giant Fiat, is launching a United States foray with dealerships opening up in major United States cities. Palmen, already Wisconsin’s largest Fiat and Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer was awarded the franchise after meeting sales and service goals set forth by Fiat in 2014.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
Andy Palmen, President of the Palmen Auto Stores was excited about the news. “Alfa Romeo represents the first luxury import brand to be sold in Southeastern Wisconsin, “ said Palmen during the announcement.

Alfa Romeo’s heritage goes back over 100 years to 1909 and since then has compiled a rich racing tradition. In fact, in the 1920’s and 30’s Italian legend Enzo Ferrari made racing history with team Suderia Ferrari racing Alfa Romeos. Throughout its prestigious racing history Alfa Romeo has been successful in Grand Prix, Formula One, road rally, tour car and sportscar racing.

Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

That rich heritage will be paired with almost eighty years of automotive retailing experience when Alfa Romeo comes to Palmen Motors in Kenosha. The new franchise will be Palmen Alfa Romeo/Fiat located on the Palmen Motors campus at 5431 75th Street (Highway 50) in Kenosha. There, car buyers will be able to choose from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Kia, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. In all over 1000 vehicles all at one location.

“We are proud to be able to bring this prestigious franchise to Southeastern Wisconsin,” said Andy Palmen.

The new Palmen Alfa Romeo/FIAT is scheduled to open sometime in the fall of 2015. For more information contact Palmen Motors at 262-697-3100.

Palmen Alfa Romeo/FIAT Press Release

Important Links:

Fiat Studio Report: Palmen FIAT Grand Opening

Call Palmen FIAT: 1-888-379-0295

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fiat 500 Sales for May 2015

Fiat 500 Sport

Fiat brand sales took a dip in May. Sales of the Fiat 500 hatch and Cabrio models were off  22% in May compared to the same month last year. May sales of the Fiat 500L were also down 13% from the previous year. While sales of the 500L were off this month, they still have remained steady, averaging a little over 1,200 units each of the past few months.

Industry-wide sales of small cars have been hurt as buyers flock to small and medium sized crossover and SUVs. This has been fueled by low gas prices and a plethora of brand new models in the crossover segment. The good news is the Fiat 500X crossover has begun arriving at Fiat Studios just in time to cash in on this segment's popularity.

May Fiat News Recap
Once again, the Fiat 500 was picked by Kelly Blue Book ( as one of the "10 coolest cars under $18,000." The Fiat 500 has been named one of the "10 Coolest Cars" by five years in a row:

If you're longing to live a romanticized European lifestyle, pick up a Fiat 500, go find your nearest cobblestone street and drink some espresso on the sidewalk. quotes from previous years:

Regardless of what the Hello Kitty mafia would like to believe, cute isn't cool. Not usually, anyway. But that's because cute is rarely backed up by substance, as it is in the 2012 Fiat 500...

"Catch even the briefest glimpse of the Fiat 500 and just try not to smile at this Italian-designed cutie that’s tiny in size but massive when it comes to personality."

The Fiat 500 may be seven inches shorter than a Mini Cooper, but it's equally big on personality. True cool is more than skin deep, and underneath all that adorable is a pleasant little subcompact car.

This four-wheeled shot of espresso combines the big personality of a Mini Cooper with pricing that splits the difference between the Mini and a traditional subcompact car. You can’t make a bolder entrance for less money.

Biggest new is the Fiat 500X has started arriving at Fiat Studios around the country, and sales have begun.   Fiat dealers were given a list of the first batch of cars they will receive, and many have already been spoken for - site unseen! More cars will be on the way, so stay in touch with your dealer and keep an eye on the Fiat USA website as it will be updated with the ability to search dealership's 500X inventories.

Image and video courtesy ofBenson Fiat

Contact the following top Fiat Studios for more details:

Criswell FIAT of Gaithersburg, Maryland - 1-888-878-2488
FIAT of Austin, Texas - 1-877-908-3428
Palmen FIAT of Kenosha, Wisconsin - 1-888-379-0295
Benson FIAT, South Carolina - 1-888-380-1716
FIAT of Larchmont, New York - 1-888-405-2249

Fiat 500 Sales in the United States, January - May 2015
Fiat 500Current MonthLast YearVol ChangeCurrent
YTD Total

Last Year
YTD Total