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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The truth about the "truth"

A reader of this blog left the following post and asked me to comment on it:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fiat 500 Blackjack special edition":

Hello, I noticed on another blog, the truth about cars, that the interior shot posted above is from the Mexican built 500 for the American market. Notice the HVAC manual controls. Just wondering. Maybe you could comment on this:

Click to see The Truth About Cars

My comment is that this IS NOT a US Fiat 500. It is a photo of a European car with optional equipment (someone please tell TTAC it is possible to configure a European Fiat 500 in 500,000 different option combinations). By the way, this picture has been on Chrysler's site for many months. The grey car is equipped with manual climate control, Frua leather interior, the Sports styled instrument panel and the Blue&Me hands free system.

This is also a European Fiat 500 interior, It is equipped with automatic climate control, Hi-Fi 'Interscope Sound System', Blue&Me hands free system, comfort instrument panel and cloth interior.

European Fiat 500 with manual climate air conditioning

European Fiat 500 with automatic climate control

European Fiat 500 has two different instrument panel options

Thank you to anonymous (whoever you are) for posting that comment. Hope that clears things up.

Best regards, Chris

Photos courtesy of Fiat Group Press/Chrysler Media


Rusty said...

Geeze Chris you're the man. Took me a while to figure out some of these things through flickr pictures like "dual zone climate control" means buttons instead of knobs. Or it'd be useful if the fiat/abarth uk configuration pages had more info on the changes to the backseat when you select leather or mentions the headlight washers when you select xenon or what the auto-dimming rear view looks like... I love this video btw I oddly like the look of the regular bulbs more however for the abarth. said...

Hey Rusty,

That is a cool video, there are some other video with accessories being installed that are pretty interesting, too. Check this channel out:

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards, Chris