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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fiat Cinquecento ‘Prima Edizione' Registry announced

Fiat 500 Prima Edizione Registry
This site, Fiat500USA, will host the Fiat Cinquecento ‘Prima Edizione’ registry. This registry will document each individually numbered Fiat Cinquecento ‘Prima Edizione’. Its purpose is to safeguard, document and help tell the story of this unique, collector-edition Fiat 500 models.

I've been reading all the great stories of people reserving their car. These great stories need to be saved, too. We'll have to combine this with the registry.

This is in its preliminary stages and I'll keep you updated as it gets closer to launching. In the meantime, feel free to post a comment with any suggestions and questions so we can make this useful but still keep it safe.


FRF said...

Great! Looking forward to signing up.

Anonymous said...

Well fiat just called me on my cell phone and asked me if I wanted to pre order...

Couldn't find out if it is for the prima edi or some other edition...when I said, "I thought they had sold out", the reply was, "fiat has expanded the preorders "
So either more primas or they might be taking orders on sport models...I guess I will find out when I get the email confirmation

They gave me number 137, so I think it must be a difference round of sales and maybe different models?


Laura in New England said...


Although I didn't get in on the First Edition (I'm kicking myself too: saw a pop-up on my mail that I had received a message from Fiat500, but was in the middle of something... by the time I checked back, they were sold out!), I am wondering about what I read in the FAQ:

" Q: When will my Fiat 500 Prima Edizione be available for pick-up?

A: The delivery is expected to be made no later than April 30, 2011. However, delays in manufacturing and shipment are possible due to quality control and other reasons. If delivery is not possible, you will be notified of the new date at which time you will have the option to accept the new date or decline for a full refund per the terms of your retail sales agreement.

Does this mean we have to wait until April? Oh, Fiat... Please say it's not so. I have been thinking that by January, I'd have a new car!

--Laura said...

Hi Laura,

Probably not, that is the latest (at this time) we'll have to wait. I'm actually the opposite, I don't want it during the winter;) Plus i need to sell two cars in my garage to make room!

I'm going to (maybe?) sell my Alfa GTV6 I've owned for 25 years and my X1/9 that I'm in the middle of painting(!). This blog takes soo much time and I can only drive one car at a time:) said...


Here is some more info, I've been trying to post this for the last few days, but the 'Prima' news bumped this story: All Fiat dealers are expected to be up and running by Feb 28th.

I'll have more on this in the beginning/middle of next week.

Best regards, Chris said...

F R Frey said...
"Great! Looking forward to signing up."


Best regards, Chris

Laura in New England said...

Oh that's great news... I can't wait, I can't wait!

My 1988 Mazda 323 (which I've been driving since 1991) has got to go. Now. Still running, but must to go.

Have fun on the paint job and good luck selling your cars. (I'll be donating mine. I think I have negative equity in my car!!!)

Anonymous said...

Well Chris was right, put my name on the waiting list and got a semi confusing call this weekend..."hello, would you like to order a special edition fiat 500?"
"yes I would"
"what number would you like?"
"well I thought they sold out so I assume I'll take whatever number you have left"
"oh, they added more."
"added more to the 500 limited edition prima models?"
Etc etc...I kinda thought it might be a scam, but she had my info and cell number and didn't ask for credit card info...
Just got an email this morning that let me confirm and give a 500 deposit. now I'm supposedly 137 of I guess I have jumped into the pool of future owners.

Grey with sunroof...might see about getting white if it has a cool looking stripe like the Abarth...the red on the sport looks hella hot, but I am not armed car kinda guy :)


Anonymous said...

Number 473 here - the email I got said that they had a cancellation and so it offered a spot to lucky me. Mine's gonna be red - just like my first car - a Fiat 850 sport spider! I love Italian cars and small cars, and can't wait. I just HOPE it isn't priced above 20k.

Oz Maldonado said...

Walked in to test drive a 500 and walked out with Prima Edizione 371/500 Rosso...

charles said...

Similar story as Oz... Went to look at the new Lounge Convertible and walked out with #180/500 of the Prima Editione in white. I may have the first "pre-owned" Prima. I bought it with 2000 miles on it. Story was that the original owner had to move to Europe after owning it a couple months and couldn't take the car with him, so I ended up getting it. It looks brand new and they even offered me the "lifetime warranty" like it was brand new. I'm a very happy guy!!

Alex Nogueira said...

The #235 (grey) is mine, in São Paulo - Brazil!