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Friday, June 1, 2018

Alfa Romeo 2018 5-Year Business Plan

Alfa Romeo New Generation

The Alfa Romeo five-year business plan was unveiled today at Balocco, Italy, the home of Alfa's legendary proving grounds. The plan outlines where the company is heading over the next five years and includes references to new models and technology that will be introduced. We have posted the full presentation for your convenience.

2018-2022 Alfa Romeo Lineup

Summarizing the presentation, you see Alfa plans to launch seven models, including a new 8C Supercar and GTV Coupe, plus C-segment models.
  • C-Segment: Giulietta MCA
  • C Segment: Crossover
  • D-Segment Giulia MCA and Long Wheel Base model
  • D-Segment: Stelvio MCA and Long Wheel Base model
  • E-Segment: E UV
  • Specialty Car Segment: GTV
  • Specialty Car Segment: 8C

2019 Alfa Romeo 8C

The 8C Supercar will feature a carbon fiber shell and be hybrid powered with a mid-engine twin-turbo V6 behind the seats and an electric motor on the front axle. With over 700 combined horsepower, it promises a "0-100 Km/h" under three seconds. The long-awaited GTV Coupe will have 600 horsepower with electric E-Booster, all-wheel-drive and 50-50 weight distribution. The E-Booster gives up to 25% more powerful and zero turbo lag.

The Giulia will undergo restyling and will get stretched long-wheelbase versions. The Alfa Romeo brand will have a heavy emphasis on electrification, plug-in hybrids, and autonomous driving technology.


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