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Monday, November 5, 2012

Romeo Ferraris Takes on America

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute

Legendary Italian tuner Romeo Ferraris displayed their spectacular Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute at SEMA last week. Car enthusiasts will recognize the name Romeo Ferraris as one of Europe's most respected tuning companies, creating a legacy of championship winning cars that stretches 5 decades. Now, Ferraris is branching out across the Atlantic to offer Americans a high end Italian car tuning experience with creative designs and extreme performance.

The Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute is a street version of their ferocious 360 hp endurance racer and pays homage to the country with a Red, White and Blue livery. The European version of the Cinquone Stradale is considered one of the most outrageous modified Fiat 500 Abarths on the continent.

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute front

The heavily modified Fiat 500 Abarth features new front and rear bumpers, hood and massively flared out fenders to accommodate a nearly four inch increase in track front and rear. Up front, the new bumper design facilitates a high capacity single intercooler necessary for the upgraded turbo.

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute rear

Huge twin tailpipes exit through the center of the rear carbon fiber diffuser. Eighteen inch wheels are fitted to a suspension that has been modified with coilovers and uprated wheel bearings and hubs to withstand the kind of driving this car encourages.

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute hood

The engine of the Cinquone Stradale will use the US Abarth 1.4L MultiAir Turbo rated at 235hp. Preliminary details show that the car will have a larger turbo and a custom exhaust manifold along and the necessary engine management tuning. Below is a list provided to journalists of the engine modifications*.

Engine management upgrade
Sports air filter
Exhaust manifolds «Cinquone» replica
Down Pipe with 200 cells catalyst
Sport exhaust with dual center outlets
Uprated turbocharger
Turbo accessories
Lightweighted Flywheel
Front Intercooler
Special pistons
Special camshafts
Clutch kit
Fuel pressure regulator

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute dash

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute helmet holds

The interior is a combination of race car and elegant road car with leather and Alacantara lavishly applied. The Cinquone Stradale has two seats with storage for helmets in the rear or, for those who like to terrorize their friends, a four seat version is available.

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute side

Romeo Ferraris looks to partner with select aftermarket providers in the US, so expect to see a full range of Romeo Ferraris parts, accessories and over the top performance enhancements.

Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute



Romeo Ferraris Cinquone replica aerodynamic kit with widened fenders (+5cm for side)
American flag livery

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute interior

Two-seater car with roll bar and extinguisher
Helmet storage compartment
Recaro monocoque sports front seats
Passenger compartment completely covered in leather and Alcantara with red stitching
Carbon fiber dash by Romeo Ferraris
4-point belts

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute Wheel

Adjustable coilovers kit
Reinforced wheel hubs and bearings
Romeo Ferraris alloy wheels

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute wing

Ventilated front disc brakes, diameter 284 x 22mm
Perforated rear disc brakes 240mm x 11mm
Front and rear racing brake pads
Romeo Ferraris synthetic brake oil
Brembo empowered front brake system composed of cross-drilled rotors of diameter 280mm with 4-pistons calipers (on demand)

Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute twin exhaust

Limited slip differential

Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale

*It should be noted the European Cinquone Stradale uses the T-Jet engine from the Euro Abarth 500 and is rated at 300hp. The above list is the same one provided for that car, so there may be some changes once the tuning package is finalized for US sale.


Winner of 67 Titles and more than 1,000 victories, the name Romeo Ferraris is synonomous with performance. Since 1962, Ferraris has tuned, designed and built a legacy of winning race cars and outstanding high performance street cars. Additionally, he has applied his expertise to the world of offshore racing and holds 18 titles along with countless world records in the sport.

Fiat 128 prepared by Ferraris

Romeo Ferraris prepared Fiat 128s were among the most potent racing cars in their class. Equipped with a Romeo Ferraris cast cylinder head, the Fiat 128 1000 cc engine produced 156 hp at 11,300 rpm. Using the stock Fiat 128 block and crankshaft (remachined and polished) along with Ferraris titanium connecting rods, these engines would red line close to 13,000 rpm. Remember, this was in the early 1970s, a time when most engines would explode at 6,000 rpm. The Fiat 128 series cars so outclassed the competition (read British Leyland) in the US, they were outlawed by the SCCA.

Fiat 128 Sport with 11x13 inch Campagnolos

Romeo Ferraris at work

More than just a "cosmetic" tuner, the Romeo Ferraris facility in Italy had the ability to cast its own cylinder blocks and heads, forged their own camshafts and crankshafts and manufactured transmission gears.

Ferraris prepared BMW 2002 TI

Romeo Ferraris tuning expertise extends well past Fiats. Ferraris would take a BMW 2002 like this and transplant the six cylinder from a 3.3 CSL tuned to 400hp. The result? Top speed - 177 mph!

Ferraris Offshore Championship

Since the mid-1970s, Ferraris increasingly concentrated on the relm of speedboat racing and dominated the sport for more than a decade.

Ferraris with his 360 hp Abarth endurance racer

Returning to automobile racing in earnest in 2004, Romeo Ferraris has once again become a force to be reckoned with. Winning the Italian Endurance racing series 5 years in a row, the SARA GT World Title in 2009, and the Abarth Trophy in 2010 just to touch on a few.

Romeo Ferraris brings their vast experience in tuning to street cars for those who demand only the best. Two examples of such are their 657 hp BMW M5 and 700 hp Ferrari 599 GTO.

500 Abarth in Carbon Fiber by Ferraris

With Romeo Ferraris poised to enter the US market, I'll say Fiat enthusiasts are in for something special...

Sources: Romeo Ferraris, FAZA Race World (1983) by Alfred Cosentino

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