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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fiat 500 Sales Hit Record

Fiat 500 in New York

Fiat 500 sales figures for the month of February are out and the results are good news. Fiat USA reports that 3,227 Fiat 500s were sold last month, a 69 percent increase over sales in January of 1911 units. This is the best month ever for the Fiat 500 and also marks the end of the 500's first year of sales, finishing them on a bright note.

Since March 2011, a total of 31,153 Fiat 500s were sold in North America (24,907 cars in the US and 6,246 in Canada. Mexican sales were not available as of this post).

Fiat 500 February sales figures


William E. Dean said...

I wish Fiat would feel sorry for this 100% Disabled Veteran. This would be the perfect car for my wife to drive me to many doctor's appointments.

ttownbigbear said...

Yeah! This is good news! More power to you. Fiat did a good job on the North American 500. It's time they got rewarded for it.