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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fiat 500 Prima Edizione Number 29: Wheels

After I posted the story on Tire Rack a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't resist picking up a set of wheels for my Fiat 500. The wheels are O.Z. Adrenalina, 17x7, 4x100 with a 37mm offset.

Tires are sized at 195/40R17 and I'm running Yokohama Sport Drive Ultra High Performance Summer tires.


Anonymous said...

I like those wheels a lot.
The colour scheme and style matches the 500 well.

Nice choice.

James Schay said...

That looks great. I'm eager to get new wheels for my prima, but also wondering what might be available soon.. Regardless, #29 is looking awesome. Congrats!

TK said...

I'm curious if these 4X100 wheels using wobble bolts will fit on the hub tightly. The hub is really what is supposed to hold the wheel centered. They are a good looking set!

Chris said...

Thanks James!

Hi TK,
There are hub centric rings installed that keep the wheel tight to the hub, so no problem there. I torqued the bolts to the 100lbsFt spec that is in the US Fiat manual, so I wouldn't worry about it.

The key is to have hub centric wheels or hub centric rings with the wheels. If that's the case, you're good to go.

Anonymous said...

Chris - I am curious to your reasons for choosing the Yokohama tires. You have an Italian car with Italian wheels, why not get Pirelli Italian tires?

jim romano said...

Drooling here! Would someone kindly pass me a bib?

Chris said...

I wanted to try the Yokohamas. I've always bought Pirelli tires and the last set I wasn't too happy with, same with the last set of Continentals.

Gerry Stringer said...


Pirelli tires get noisy and wear too fast. Some also have oxidation issues (browning). Yokohamas don't and are less expensive. I'm also getting yokohamas for my abarth (Avid Envigor 560-A-A). The tuner of the abarth 500 monza specified Yokohama as his factory tire.

Jim Romano said...

I think Yokos are a good choice Chris. I have no experience with the new Sport Drive version, but I put a set of Yoko A008s on the 60 Abarth in place of the Pirelli P7s and it made a HUGE performance difference (for the better). And I do mean HUGE!

Jiyan said...

Chris - nicely done. I was thinking the OZs you picked were a little on the "square" side from a design perspective and not "soft" enough in shape for the Cinquecento. NOT AT ALL!

Take some images from the dead-on front quarter/rear quarter so we all can see how inboard or flush the 17 x 7 wheels fit.


Chris said...

Once the car and the tires are broken in, I want to explore the handling of this car. Everyday driving is very direct and responsive. Fast steering... I love it.

Thanks Jiyan, the wheels do project a little more out from the sides. I'll post some more pics soon.

The wheels look better on the car than they do in the catalog pics online. I think the blacked out look works well with the grey and black Prima stripe.