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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fiat 500 Prima Edizione Number 29 is Home!

Last Friday, after years of anticipation, I picked up my new Fiat 500.

My Fiat Studio was Fiat of Larchmont; whose owner is no other than Alfredo Gulla. Mr. Gulla, or Alfredo, is well known in the Fiat world. He became a Fiat dealer in 1963 and stayed one until Fiat left the country in 1984, at that time he was their biggest dealer.

Alfredo was also an Abarth dealer in the 1960's and has his original dealers license signed by Karl Abarth.

I don't know what was more exciting, picking up my new car or talking with Alfredo. It was an absolute treat to talk with him. We reminisced and talked about the past, but also about the promising future.

My Fiat 500 Prima Edizione was covered and unveiled by Alfredo. It couldn't get any better than that.

We were given a tour of the new Fiat facility, which will be open in the near future. The original Fiat facility (Alfredo's Foreign Cars) was recently renovated and has some impressive memorabilia, including cutaway engines and an original US spec Fiat 500.

My car was perfect and looked fantastic. I drove home knowing that, with Fiat of Larchmont and Alfredo Gulla, I'm in capable hands. I can't wait to stop by when the studio is finished and pickup some accessories!

Give Fiat of Larchmont a call - 914-834-4222

A Beginning

I started this blog two years ago to chart the progress of the Fiat 500 as it made its way to the United States. Along the way, we've examined the history of the company and the technology that has gone into making this award winning car.

Now that the 500 is here, don't think we're done! With new Fiat 500 models coming out, like the 500c, 500 by Gucci, the Abarth and, just maybe, the Coupe Zagato, we'll have plenty to talk about. And I won't forget Alfa Romeo, one of my all time favorite marques. I will keep a keen eye on the new Alfa Romeo, which promises to be the best one ever; the company is committed to that!

Two years ago, Fiat entered into an alliance with Chrysler. The two companies have worked side by side to produce the 2012 Fiat 500, a car that is indeed the evolution of the 2008 European Car of the Year. The car has been updated and improved in every way.

This partnership, which is characterized by mutual respect and appreciation for each other, will be in full bloom when we see the new Chrysler models that will arrive at the end of this year.

Stick around, because this is only the beginning...


Anonymous said...

That is just wonderful Chris,

So glad you finally have your little Fiat and DO give us your impressions of the little car as head blogger here, theh only fitting thing to do! :-)

Enjoy it and those of us waiting until we can swing the moolah to get one will just have to live vicariously through others... said...

I've been absolutely swamped this weekend at work and haven't had the chance to post this. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed picking this car up. Absolutely a great time.

On the way home I got lost, and drove at least an extra 30 miles on the twisty Saw Mill River Parkway and Taconic State Parkway. High speed twisty driving and the car never missed a beat. At one point, I hit 80mph getting out of the way of traffic.

Now that I've posted, I'm going downstairs to learn how to work everything!

Thank you all for your kind wishes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats :)


Anonymous said...

Lost, eh? It's your story and you can tell it anyway you want! 8^)


George W Baumann said...

Congratulations Chris!

I personally want to wish you all the best. I hope that you have many years of enjoyment with your new Fiat!

We all appreciate the hard work that you have done to make this forum possible. Fiat and all of the Fiat enthusiasts are very proud of all the work that you are doing for our community. I want to encourage you (and Fiat) to keep up the great work that you are doing.

Best wishes to you again Chris, George

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris! We're all happy for you and can understand the delay! Have fun!

RacerRon said...

A big congratulations on finally getting your Prima #29. It looks great.

Jim Romano said...

Congratulations Chris. She's a beauty. Judging from the smile in your photo, it was an experience you won't soon forget. Our upstate NY dealership (Rochester) is due to open at the end of this week. I'll be picking mine up soon after. Silver/grey like yours. A Sport model. Not a prima, mind you but very cool none the less. Still have the deposit on the Abarth though. Getting more excited with each passing day. Keep the good news coming. And as usual, big pat on the back for all your hard work and dedication.

Giovanni said...

Great website! I love it and visit it often. I learned to drive on an original Cinquecento and I am thrilled to see the new 500 here in the USA! Thanks for a wonderful website and keep up the good work!!!!!

Fiat said...

Fantastic news Chris! Glad to hear this...

w!L. said...

Congrats! I'm a little jealous! :D haha Still no studios open near me, but Manahattan's has opened finally and I'll be at the NY Auto Show next week so I'll definitely be seeing one up close soon enough (and most likely getting it sooner than later)

Frankie said...

Ciao Cristiano. Congrats for your new Fiat cinquecento! Looks really cool. When will the mini station wagon come out in the states?
Take good care and have fun.
Ciao Frankie