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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Two Millionth Fiat 500 Made in Europe

2 Millionth Fiat 500

The two millionth Fiat 500 was made at the Tychy Plant in Poland last Thursday, the 10th of May. The Fiat 500 is a worldwide sales phenomenon being sold in over 100 countries. Over 80 percent of sales are outside of Italy. In Europe, the Fiat 500 has been a consistent best seller in the city car segment since its introduction in 2007.

Fiat 500 assembly line

Eleven years after its debut, the 500 had its best quarter ever this year, selling 60,000 units making it the market leader in nine countries ( Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and Slovenia) and in the top three in seven others ( Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, and Sweden.).

Fiat 500 being manufactured

The Fiat 500 for the European, Middle East, African as well as Chinese and Vietnam markets is produced at the FCA factory in Tychy, Poland. Cars sold in the NAFTA region, as well as South America, are built at FCA's Toluca, Mexico plant. Fiat's Tychy factory is one of Europe's largest and the most advanced. Additionally, Tychy is FCA's most productive European factory, and at peak production, one car rolls off the assembly line approximately every 46 seconds. Sheet metal stock can be converted into a finished car in under 12 technological hours.

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NAFTA Fiat 500 assembly line

For those of us on this side of the Atlantic and interested in the NAFTA Fiat 500, the factory in Toluca Mexico received a $550 million investment to upgrade and build our 500. Production of the NAFTA Fiat 500 began in December 2010 and to date, has reached 296,397 units. Fiat has sold a total of 237,681 500s in North America as of April.*

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Sources: Images and figures provided by FCA
* The NAFTA Fiat 500 is exported and sold in other countries besides in North America

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