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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stoicevich Named Head of Fiat Brand for North America

Jason Stoicevich, Head of Fiat Brand North America

Jason Stoicevich has just been named the new Head of Fiat Brand in North America, replacing Tim Kuniskis who takes over running the Dodge Brand. The change is the result of a management reorganization caused by Fred Diaz, the Head of Ram, resigning to take a job at Nissan. Kuniskis takes over for Reid Bigland who will now run the Ram Division.

Stoicevich is a 10 year veteran with Chrysler with extensive sales and marketing experience and is the current Head of Chrysler's California Business Center, a position he will continue with in addition to running Fiat North America. At the California Business Center, Stoicevich has achieved outstanding results. California Fiat 500 sales are up 254 percent in 2012 versus 2011, making Fiat the fastest growing brand in the state. Additionally, Chrysler has been the fastest growing automaker in California for the second year in a row, with retail sales up 50 percent last year. Stoicevich skill set is going to be a good match with Fiat's growing lineup.

Tim Kuniskis with Fiat 500 Abarth

Kuniskis Era
Kuniskis had been Head of Fiat Brand for the past 17 months, taking over from Laura Soave, the Brand's first Head. Soave is credited with laying the foundation and establishing the style and feel for the Brand in the US.

Under Kuniskis' leadership, Fiat sales doubled in 2012 to 55,600 units, up from the 25,161 delivered in 2011. Sales in 2013 are also going well with March 2013 sales marking the 13th consecutive month of sales growth and current YTD sales up 9 percent over the same period last year.

The Next Chapter
With three new Fiat models being introduced this year, we look forward to Jason Stoicevich's leadership in sales and marketing. This is going to be an exciting time at Fiat Studios across the country, and Stoicevich appears to be the right man at the right time.

Finally, on behalf of the thousands of Fiat fans and owners that visit this site, I would like to publicly thank Tim Kuniskis for his hard work and dedication in growing the Fiat Brand and wish him the very best in his new endeavor.


Source: Chrysler LLC

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