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Saturday, February 13, 2010

US Fiat 500 from...Poland?

Fiat 500 factory in Tychy, Poland

Here's something I read that came right out of left field...

In a speech made on February 11 before the Chicago Economic Club, Ralph Gilles, CEO of the Dodge brand, made a comment that production of the Fiat 500 from Toluca, Mexico might not be ready by the anticipated December 2010 launch date, so the first batch of Fiat 500's might be brought in from Fiat's Tychy, Poland plant!

While you're waiting for your Fiat 500, watch one being made in this video!

Now this is very preliminary, and I'm working on getting more information, when I do, I'll let everyone know.

Photo and Video used by permission of Fiat Group Press


Scott said...

Good or bad I'm not sure, but the sooner the better I guess. I'm curious to know the status as far as the 500 meeting the US crash standards, I'm sure the introduction of the various models will be much more swift and smooth if the Euro models don't need modification. said...

Hi, Scott.

I'd say the same thing, the sooner the better, we just have to wait and see. I'm waiting to get more info from Chrysler on this comment, though. It's nice to know that there is a contingency plan in case production is slow to start.

Maybe the cars will come to Mexico as a Complete Knock Down (CKD) Kit and have various components like the engine and US spec bumpers etc., added.

As far as DOT and EPA regulations, I don't anticipate any real delay in meeting US standards, Fiat has been working on this since at least June last year and remember, the 500 would even meet the Euro NCAP 6 star rating, if and when that standard would be adopted.

Anonymous said...

personally, I think this is good. I want to order one ASAP, and I feel that if they rush the Mexico plant we could get an inferior product.
That is the last thing Fiat needs when re-entering the US market, because they have a bad rep for quality here already.
I would like to buy a Polish one because they have been making them there awhile already. said...

The quality of the cars coming from the Tychy plant is first rate, and traditionally, the quality coming from Mexican auto factories is normally better than the US so either way, no problem.

Wherever they come from, I'm just hoping Fiat can make the cars affordable and still make a profit. How about an Abarth for $18,000?