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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fiat Needs Your FreakOut Photos

On the road to Fiat FreakOut

The 2017 Fiat FreakOut event is happening right now. Fiat and Italian car fans have begun arriving in Milwaukee to celebrate the 34th annual Fiat Club America national convention called the Fiat FreakOut. Fiat FreakOut is always a fantastic time filled with family fun activities, drives and plenty of time to mingle with people that have the same passion for Italian cars you do.

Fiat FreakOut Image

To get more people acquainted with the event, Fiat USA is looking for FreakOut photos to post on their various social media channels. If you are at the event, or on the way, make sure you snap some pictures and send them in. The easy to follow guidelines are listed below. While you are at it, don't forget to post them on the Fiat Club America forum. We'd love to see them!

Fiat FreakOut Concours

Fiat FreakOut Image Guidelines.*

If the image(s) you send to FIAT are selected, FIAT will:

•Use your image(s) on any/all of the FIAT social media platforms throughout the world (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), for an indefinite period of time. Keep in mind that your image(s) may be used multiple times.

•Make minor alterations to the image such as re-sizing it to fit the format of a certain platform, cropping the edges, or adding a frame of some kind. FIAT will tag your username or include your real name in a photo credit (first name, and last initial) along with a mention of the FIAT Club America in the copy or image. In exchange, you’ll get a hearty congratulations and Internet likes—but sorry, no payment.

In addition, you must acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old, you reside in the USA, that you are the creator of the image(s), and that FIAT USA has your permission [and the permission of the person/people who appear(s) in the images to use as described above.

For any image you submit to FIAT, FIAT asks the following:*

  • Images are clear (not blurry)
  • Images show the entire FIAT vehicle
  • FIAT vehicle shown is a model sold in the USA

Please send image(s) to

*These guidelines MUST be followed in order to have the image eligible to be selected.

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