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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fiat USA opens online store

The Fiat 500 delivers a new sense of individual expression, opportunity and pride of ownership.In keeping with these ideals, Fiat USA has opened an online store full of lifestyle and apparel accessories called the Fiat Store.

The Fiat Store sells exclusive, high quality products with Italian flair and stylish design.*

Don't forget to sign up on the Fiat Store site and receive special promotions and product news. Just in time for the holidays!

*Some products illustrated are from the European Fiat Store and may not be currently available in the US. Check with the Fiat Store here.

Sources: Fiat USA, Fiat Group Press

1 comment:

FRF said...

I ordered a FIAT jacket last week and got it 2 days later. Expensive but very nice quality. Very happy with it. Keep in mind that the sizes seem to be for Europeans as the large I ordered and expected it to be big on me (I take a medium) would up being perfect size... so if you really need a large you are out of luck! Welcome back FIAT!!