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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fiat 500 Prima Edizione UPDATE: Engine

Fiat 500 Prima Edizione reservation holders received another update this week on the progress of their car. This time, a video was sent on the 1.4L MultiAir engine that equips the 500. This is a private video and only folks with the link may view it. I've included it for your enjoyment.

Hello Christian, Prima Edizione Numero 29:

While you wait for your Prima Edizione, we thought you'd like to take a virtual peek at the brilliance that awaits you under the hood.

The FIAT 500 powertrain is designed to fit the way America drives. The award-winning 1.4-liter MultiAir® engine has been paired with a revised ratio five-speed manual transmission engineered for U.S. highways. Together they offer a fun, lively driving experience.

While you are waiting to become a Prima Edizione owner, you get to take an exclusive first-look at this video about the engine.

Stay tuned for more product overviews while your vehicle is being created. By the time it arrives, you'll know it inside and out.


The FIAT Launch Team


Anonymous said...

Thank god we have you to update the clients here in canada because I haven't received 1 email from fiat I'm thinking of cancelling my order what great service in the usa they get emails and gifts and here in canada nothing keep up the great work you guys at fiat 500 usa are great I wish i could say the same about fiat

Anonymous said...

I concur with the previous comment; here in Canada other than one e-mail progressing the seats, no other information has been communicated, no gifts nothing! Mrs. Soave should do something about this; she is responsible for all of NA. The only thing Canadians have is a larger sticker price, higher freight and preparation fee etc…. even with a dollar currently over par. The Canadian government helped bail out Chrysler and the head of Fiat is a Canadian. This is the thanks we get.

Well at least we have Chris and the Fiat USA blog team :-)Keep up the good work.