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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fiat500USA Tuner Report: Pogea Racing GmbH

Pogea Racing GmbH, a noted high end Audi and Mercedes tuner in Germany has created a 268hp Fiat 500 Abarth. This is an upgrade over their previous over the top 500 Abarth with 233hp.

Pogea Racing has acquired one of the rare 500 Abarth Ferrari Dealer Edition cars. Two hundred of these special edition 500 Abarths were made for Ferrari dealers loaner cars. They featured special red paint and silver F430 Scuderia stripes, new Sabelt seats, the Esseesse kit, a special red leather insert on the steering wheel at the 12 o'clock position and an exhaust with a special bypass valve (much like the F430's).

Abarth 695 “Tributo Ferrari”

Note that this is different from the similar Abarth 695 “Tributo Ferrari”. The Abarth 695 adds a 180hp upgraded engine and a special MTA gearbox with paddle shifters.

Pogea racing has bumped the power on their Ferrari Dealers Edition 500 Abarth by 100hp with the addition of a bigger turbo, different intercooler and a host of other changes.

Besides this 268hp monster, Pogea Racing offers a chip tuning service available for the Fiat 500 starting with the 500's 1.2 liter 8V and 1.4 liter 16V engines. The results of Pogea Racing's tuning of the 1.4 liter 16V is the stock 101hp goes to 112hp and the stock torque from 131Nm to 146Nm. This is for a resonable 299,00€.

For the 500 Abarth, things are even hotter. The 135hp of the stock 500 Abarth goes to 169hp and the torque from 206Nm to 269Nm with the Pogea Racing Stage 1 kit, which retails for 429,00 €. Stage 2 tuning brings the 500 Abarth up to 171hp and 288Nm for just a little more.

Pogea Racing also offers Romeo Ferraris chip tuning and the original Esseesse software update. You can check out their website here.

Below is the press release on their 268hp 500 Abarth:

The mighty Italian...

When there is a new project at Pogea Racing, one can be absolutely sure that everything is well studied to the smallest detail.

The hardest part of the development process was to avoid using a separate Tuning Box Unit. Unlike other “tuners”, Pogea Racing starts with the OEM ECU of the Fiat 500 Abarth, instead of relying on a separate controller unit.

Pogea Racing develops the software data to work directly with the vehicle’s ECU. This assures that instructions that are sent from the ECU direct all normal functions of the car properly. An auxiliary unit cannot control all functions, and will ignore the vehicle’s ECU’s commands. Herein lies the principal difference between Pogea Racing’s development and other Tuners.

Pogea Racing chose a very rare model, the Fiat 500 FERRARI DEALERS EDITION of Abarth. The standard engine is already relatively strong, coming with 165PS and 230Nm. Pogea Racing increases the performance of the small Italian model by adding 100hp on top of the standard engine, producing 268PS and 330 Nm total power. The Pogea Racing model was also measured and developed on one of the most modern all-wheel drive dynamometers.

To get this power out of the mighty Italian car, they changed the exhaust system and replaced it with a larger stainless steel exhaust system, modified downpipe, and a new catalytic converter. The tailpipes can be chosen by the customer from many available Designs.

Power comes from the new hybrid turbocharger from Pogea Racing. Currently, there are two turbocharger variants that the customer can choose from.

To add cooling to both the intake air, and to lower the combustion temperature, a modified Intake cooling system was created. A center-mount, larger, more efficient intercooler replaces the two smaller original intercoolers.

Additional air is being pumped into the engine compartment to cool the accessories via the carbon fiber parts of the Assetto Corse. Fuel injection is optimized by changing fuel pressure valves and using upgraded Bosch fuel injectors.

For increased stopping power Pogea Racing upgraded the OEM Brake system with their 4-piston brake assembly. This detail is very important to Pogea Racing, and they developed a brake system with identical weight to the OEM brake system, but about 1,8m reduced braking distance when compared to the OEM brakes.

You can round up the entire kit with TÜV Approval and with an optional warranty for engine, turbo, and transmission. Pogea Racing completes its tuning work exclusively at their headquarters in the center at the Bodensee.

Apart from the performance cure Pogea Racing also offers Assetto Corse Parts as legal TÜV Approved Parts dealer in Germany for the current models. The parts come directly from the factory in Italy.

So now your Fiat can become optically at least a large Ferraristi, or even an image of the 100 PS Assetto Corse.

Pogea Racing has other services; leather work, individual suspension systems, and carbon fiber parts can also be part of your individualization.

Now there is one tuning company which makes just about everything for your little Italian. And the most important thing is – this Kit works on all 1.4TJET Engines, and not only on Fiat, also on the Alfa-Romeo! Prices for the smallest change begin at 3400€.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Eduard Pogea

With thanks to Herr Pogea

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