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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fiat Panda 4x4: The new JEEP MINI...

The Fiat Panda has been mentioned as one of the cars coming to the US. The interesting thing is the name of the Panda was listed as the Jeep Panda in a deposition filed in a US Bankruptcy Court. Could this be the next Jeep Mini?

Below is some information on the current Panda 4x4.

Fiat Panda 4x4

Panda 4x4. A unique car. Elegant, bold and smart looking, it combines Panda styling with the character of an off-road vehicle. The compact line of the vehicle’s exterior, characterized by the vertically arranged rear light clusters and the originally styled side windows, is mated to the commanding all-road attitude, that enables Panda 4x4 to be tough enough when things get rough. Specially designed bumpers with guards, side moldings, reinforced tails and carryall bars endow it with the look of a veritable off-roader.

Fiat Panda cross section

Fiat Panda dashboard

The cockpit, wide and luminous, is cheerful and attractive, thanks to the colored fabrics, the innovative materials and the chromatic contrast created by the controls, featuring a darker shade of color. Significant details include the facia, housing the main controls and the gearshift for maximum driving comfort, the commanding driver seat, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility, and the door panels fitted with big pockets for odds and ends, a comfortable armrest with a big handle.

The Fiat Panda 4x4 in action

Panda 4x4 Cross. Strong personality and an appealingly ‘aggressive’ character. The Panda 4x4 Cross stands out for the protective body side moldings and carrier bars for an ‘all-terrain look’, enhanced by the driver’s high seat position, fenders with protective shields, bump strips, and oversize headlights. The under body shield protects the car’s mechanical elements and emphasis's the car’s off-road credentials. Standard 15” alloys complete the ‘strong’ appeal of the Panda Cross.

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AZ_Utilitarian said...

Where do I sign up? The The 1.3L TDI will take this thing anywhere needs to go at 50+ MPG. It'll run 65-80 mph on the flats, it has air conditioning, it parks in a 12 foot slot. I have been drooling over this mini-SUV for 3 years. If it gets to the USA one will have my name on its registration.

Chris said...

AZ_Utilitarian said...
Where do I sign up? The The 1.3L TDI will take this thing anywhere needs to go at 50+ MPG. It'll run 65-80 mph on the flats, it has air conditioning, it parks in a 12 foot slot. I have been drooling over this mini-SUV for 3 years. If it gets to the USA one will have my name on its registration...

The Panda is a very capable 4x4. More and more people are embracing the facts and not the size hype. Which is great news and will help bring the Panda closer to us.

In mid April, Fiat will hopefully have some news on the new Panda and when and what will show up in the USA,

Keep an eye out for it.

Anonymous said...

Well here it is early August and no update. I sure hope the build the Panda with the 95 HP diesel, good ground clearance, decent size tires, low gears, and enough room for tall people. An 8 speed dual clutch transmission with the bottom 2 gears being crawler gears and the top two being overdrives would be appreciated. Adjustable height suspension would really make my mouth water.

So far all I've seen is an announcement that Chrysler/Jeep will build the 1.4 liter FIRE engine (100 HP). That is not what I want. I want either the 95 HP diesel or the new 2 cylinder turbo (105 HP), either of which would deliver over 50 MPG. The next Suzuki Swift will have AWD, and deliver almost 50 MPG, so I'll have a choice if this new Jeep/Fiat does not deliver the goods. But I've always had a Jeep for almost the last 30 years and my Cherokee XJ has almost 300K miles, so I'm ready for a new one.

Newark dodge dealership said...

The Jeep mini is looking nice due to its glamorous color and fabulous exterior. I like this Jeep with different color, but I'm not exactly getting its price list.

Anonymous said...

I hope Fiat/Chrysler brings the Panda to the U.S. I would certainly buy it. We need a compact SUV in this country. However, knowing the U.S. auto industry it will probably never happen. They just love to foist huge, gas sucking SUV's on us. Maybe, that is what America wants

Anonymous said...

I want one! I have seen these cars overseas and they are just what we need here, small, roomy, fuel efficient and fun. I will happily take a front drive diesel since I like most people will rarely go beyond the mountains of NYC LOL..

wina said...

Just came back from Italia. I want, i want, i want!!

Wayne said...

I'd rather a Suzuki Jimny, but a Panda Cross would be awful tempting...

concerned taxpayer said...

well u should make one model that just has a simple 65 hp 2 wheel drive keep everything simple nothing fancy put a universal cat on it and a real simple computor to tweak the fuel injection and run the oxagen sensor and sell the cars here in the USA The American people need inexpensive reliable fuel efficient cars fast just basic back and forth to work cars we don't need race cars or anything else just inexpensive economisers (50-70 mpg )
we dont need no turbos or any of that other garbage..just inexpensive dependable cars..

Anonymous said...

just make it simple put a catalitic converter universal one and a oxagen sensor the stick a simple 6 wire computor on it to run the fuel injectors..this way it will run on gasahol or ethanol mixture ...65 hp no turbo needed nothing race..keep it simple inexpensive transportation put air bags in it send 1 over to me

Anonymous said...

we need 2 cylinder 65 hp cars now no turbos install a universal cat an oxygen sensor and a computor to run the injectors then add airbags start shpping them over to the states please keep the price down ...all the American taxpayers are not moviestars and or know so sell what we can afford not them ...

Anonymous said...

What do these things weigh? I am in the market for a small AWD high-mpg vehicle. Looks like the Panda might fit the bill. Especially with a diesel engine. By the way: without AWD the Panda would be just another econobox, swamped by the competition.

Anonymous said...

Please bring the Panda 4x4 to the US! We need a mini jeep in the usa and every RV-er who tows a vehicle will want one!