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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fiat: The Things We Make, Make Us

Fiat Panda

Fiat is running a TV ad in Italy that highlights the best traditions and values of Italian society and heritage. Along the lines of the award winning Chrysler "Made in Detroit" ad that debuted last year during the Superbowl, the Italian Fiat ad is a rallying cry to Italians to embrace who they are and remind the world what Italy is capable of.

“The things we make, make us”

For the launch of the new Panda, Fiat Automobiles chose a highly emotive 90 second spot which departs from the use of traditional advertising language in favor of a message that portrays Fiat's approach to the future and describes the Italy we like, an Italy driven by talent, passion, creativity and the desire to do things well.

Fiat Panda

Airing on Italian TV from January 22nd and on the web (including and from January 23rd, the spot is an event in its own right as it presents the product by talking about the people and values behind it. The choice to deliver a message that is full of symbolism is an important one. In the spot, the Fiat family is seen leading the way in a new era of growth and development in Italy and all Italians are called on to participate, with the same commitment and determination.

The spot is a response to the question: “What kind of Italy do we want to be?” Of course, there are many Italys in the collective imagination: a nation of art, invention and creative talent not to mention great industrial and technological enterprise. To dispel the quaint image of Italy and the negative stereotypes that are still often portrayed today, the spot shows powerful images of workers at the Pomigliano d’Arco plant where the new Fiat Panda is made.

These workers are symbolic of the Italy that never gives up, even in the most difficult moments, but rather has the will to take its future into its own hands with unquestionable dedication. They are proud and determined men and women who every day devote talent, passion and creativity and above all desire into making a product of the highest quality: the new Fiat Panda.

The images are accompanied by a narration that makes no reference to the product, brand or even to cars. The words draw viewers in and then capture their attention with Fiat's response to the initial question about the kind of Italy we want: “The things we make, make us”. Because what we do and the way we do it say everything about who we are, our vision of the world, and the type of people we want to be. That notion is further strengthened by the key message of the entire campaign – “This is the Italy we like” – which expresses appreciation for a nation that works and overcomes challenges, that doesn’t give up, but rather strives to do, to make, to achieve.

Fiat is the well-established leader in the city car segment in Europe with a unique know-how developed in European markets over the years: from the first 600 to the 500, from the 126 to the first Panda, from the Cinquecento to the Seicento, from the second generation Panda (2003) to the new 500 launched in 2007. Today, that legacy is embodied in the new Panda, the logical evolution of a car that in its 31 years has always been synonymous with Italian style and ingenuity, bursting with a rational yet emotional appeal that has won over more than 16 million drivers of different tastes, ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

An established icon of Italian design and know-how, the objective of the new Panda was to confirm Fiat's undisputed leadership in the city car segment. To achieve that, Fiat Group Automobiles focused on attaining the highest levels of quality throughout the development and production process. Naturally, such a project could not be implemented at a plant that wasn't equally advanced and adapted to the needs of the new Panda and that is why the new model is being made at the Pomigliano d’Arco plant near Naples. The plant has been completely retooled and upgraded with new bodywelding and assembly technologies, as well as a brand new Quality Center, making it not only the most advanced Fiat facility, but also among the most advanced in the world.

Olivier François, head of the Fiat brand, said: “The new Panda is a symbol of Fiat's know-how in the city car segment and this spot celebrates the return of production to Italy of the icon of Italian city cars : the Panda, the most sold city car in Europe. The upgraded plant in Pomigliano has introduced a radical new approach to quality and the campaign tells the story of this special place, a place where an industrious Italy has been reborn. An Italy where a job well done is a matter of personal pride. A place where people’s desire to produce a car of the highest quality is stronger every day. A place where innovation, research and passion are alive, where the relaunch of an Italy that the entire world believes in has begun.”

The new campaign – which encompasses TV, press, billboards and web – was conceived and developed by the advertising agency Kube Libre, under the creative direction of Luciano Nardi. Shot in and around Naples, the TV spot was directed by Luca Maroni and produced by Movie Magic. The people appearing in the spot are actual workers at the plant who participated in the production with a great deal of enthusiasm. Finally, the images and narration are accompanied by a soundtrack composed by Flavio Ibba.

Following is the text of the spot for the new Fiat Panda.
“New Fiat Panda. This is the Italy we like.
How many types of Italy are there?
A nation of art?
A nation of great invention?
A nation of creative talent?
A nation of quaint images?
A nation of youth in search of a better future?
Or a nation capable of great industrial and technological enterprise?
We can choose which Italy to be.
It’s time to decide whether we want to be ourselves
or to be what others think we are.
Now is the moment to start afresh
To start the only way we know how: with our work
and rise to the occasion
Because, everyday, in Italy,
there is someone who wakes up
and puts their talent,
and above all desire
into doing something well.
The things we make, make us

Fiat Press
Turin, 20 January 2012

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