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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Alfa Giulia Motor Trend Car of The Year

Alfa Giulia Car of The Year

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has won Motor Trend magazine's Car of The Year Award, besting a competitive field of 46 cars. The Motor Trend Car of The Year award is in its 70th year and has developed into an exhaustive evaluation. There are performance tests to measure acceleration, braking, and handling. After that, design and features are evaluated as well as on the road, everyday driving impressions. This year, the competition was fierce with competitors such as the new BMW 5 series, Tesla Model 3, Lexus LC 500h, and Porsche Panamera to name a few.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was picked over the competition not only for its overall performance, value, and design but also for its sheer driving enjoyment.

Some of the quotes from the evaluation:

“There is sorcery in this car,” road test editor Chris Walton says. “The Giulia fills the space vacated by BMW. Yet even at the apex of its reign, a 3 Series never rode this well or cornered with such poise and precision simultaneously.”

“Best steering, best chassis—this car saves the sport sedan market.”

"On top of its outstanding performance, superior handling, strong fuel economy, excellent safety record, and killer value, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is just flat-out fun."

Alfa Giulia

What's important to note is while everyone knows the 505 hp M3 crushing Giulia Quadrifoglio is a top performer, Motor Trend commended the standard Giulia models saying:

"What clinched the Calipers was the base Giulia. Many brands make blazingly fast performance sedans, but when the exercise is reduced by mass-market pressures, the lesser version is often found lacking. Not so here. The $38,990 base Giulia achieves something Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, and Jaguar have tried futilely to do for decades: build a better compact sport sedan than the Deutschlanders."

Alfa Giulia Interior

Also praised was the Giulias interior design:

"Many luxury sedans have imitated the stark Germanic style. But Alfa retained its legacy of what an Italian car’s exterior and interior should look like. It is unmistakable and sensual, imbuing a cosmopolitan glamour to the driver."

Alfa Romeo Giulia

You would think a car with all these attributes would carry a high-end price but what cinches the deal is the Giulia can be considered a bargain. For the price of a mundane and boring Camry, you can get a world class leading sedan. Motor Trend acknowledges this by saying:

"Now let’s talk value. This segment is cutthroat, and Alfa has not flinched at what is expected. After following the industry-standard 36-month, $399/month lease deal, it launched a 24-month, $299/month lease deal that should get the attention of any individual with Maserati tastes but a Mazda budget."

Alfa Giulia QV

Finally, Motor Trend summed up the Giulia this way:

"The Giulia was the only vehicle whose essence enraptured the jury with its charm and unbridled zeal for driving. Nearly every judge uttered the word “love” when describing this car."

The Senior Feature Editor said it all -

“I would be so happy if every day I got to be in this car."

Now, what are you waiting for?

Give these top Alfa dealers a call or check the link below for the dealer nearest you:

Source and quotes: Motor Trend Alfa Giulia Car of The Year
Images: Alfa Romeo and Author

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