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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fiat Spider Accessories Part Numbers

Mopar has been steadily working on accessories for lucky owners of the new Fiat 124 Spider. They sent us an updated list of available accessories complete with part numbers and suggested retail prices. These accessories are the first wave of items for the new Spider, and we were given a heads up that there will be a performance parts release that may have a few surprises. We can hardly wait!

Make sure you bookmark the Mopar Accessory Website listed below and check with your Fiat dealer for details. Don't forget to stop by the Fiat 124 Spider Forum for a discussion on this topic.

Fiat Spider Record Monza Exhaust

Record Monza dual mode exhaust - part number - 82215034 - $995.00

Fiat Spider Alcantara Shift and Hand Brake Boot

Shift and Hand Brake Boot in Black Alcantara with Red Stiching.

  • Parking Brake Boot - part number -  68307698AA -  $210
  • Manual Shift Boot - part number - 68307695AA -  $205
  • Automatic Shift Boot -  part number - 68307697AA - $205

Fiat Spider Bright Pedal Kit Manual Transmission

Fiat 124 Spider Bright Pedal Kit, Manual Transmission
part number - 68307704AA - $175

Fiat Spider Bright Pedal Kit Auto Transmission

Fiat 124 Spider Bright Pedal Kit, Automatic
part number - 68307703AA - $117

Fiat Spider All - Weather Mats

All - Weather Mats - FIAT logo on LHD
part number - 82215026 - $85

Fiat Spider Premium Carpet Mats

Premium Carpet Mats - FIAT Logo on LHD
part number - 82215025AB - $125

Fiat Spider Molded Cargo Tray,

Molded Cargo Tray, Black, no logo - part number - 82215032 - $95

Fiat Wheel Locks

Wheel Locks - part number - 82214871 - $50

Fiat Spider Full Vehicle Cover

Full Vehicle Cover - Grey, TriGuard, FIAT Spider Logo, outdoor use
part number -  82215035  $150

Fiat Valve Stem Caps- Black
Valve Stem Caps- Black FIAT logo, four per set
part number - 82213717AB - $18

Abarth Valve Stem Caps- Black

Valve Stem Caps - Black, Scorpion logo, four per set
part number -  82213719AB   $18

Fiat Valve Stem Caps - Silver

Valve Stem Caps - Silver, FIAT logo, four per set
part number - 82213716AB - $18.00

Fiat Spider Air Vent Bezel - Black

Air Vent Bezel - Black Gloss - part number - 68307699AA - $282.00

Fiat Spider Air Vent Bezel - Red

Air Vent Bezel- Red Gloss - part number - 68307700AA - $282.00

Fiat Spider Front Pillar Bar Bezel

Front Windshield Pillar Bar Bezel Available in three finishes

  • Gun Metal finish  68307693AA  $282
  • Bright Silver finish 68307692AA  $314
  • Piano Black 68328781AA   $282

Fiat Spider Mirror Cover - Bright Silver

Mirror Cover - Bright Silver  - part number -  68307689AA - $182.00

Fiat Spider Mirror Cover - Black

Mirror Cover - Solid Black  - part number - 68307687AA - $182.00

Fiat Spider Mirror Cover - Red

Mirror Cover - Solid Red - part number - 68307688AA  - $182.00

Fiat Spider Seat Back Pillar Bar Silver

Seat Back Pillar Bar Bezel - Bright Silver
part number - 68307690AA - $182.00

Also shown between the pillar bars is a glass windscreen which dramatically reduces wind buffting. I'm told it is a must have item for top down driving comfort.

Windscreen - part number - 68307694AA - $439.00

Fiat Spider Seat Back Pillar Bar Gun Metal

Seat Back Pillar Bar Bezel -Gun Metal
part number - 68307691AA - $182.00

Fiat Spider Seat Back Pillar Bar Black

Piano Black Seat - Back Bezel
part number - 68328782AA - $182.00

Windscreen - part number - 68307694AA - $439.00

124 Logo Emblem Red

124 Logo Emblem, Red background, White numbers, Grille-mounted

  • part number -  82215036 - $49.50

124 Logo Grille Emblem

124 Logo Grille Emblem. Black background with white numbers

  • part number - 82215037 - $49.50

Source and images: FCA US LLC

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