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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alfa Romeo 4C US Version Debuts in New York!

Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition US Version

Alfa Romeo is officially back in North America. The Alfa Romeo 4C made its entrance into the US market at the New York International Auto Show last week. Much like a celebrity that needs no introduction, so it is the same with Alfa Romeo. The legendary car maker had no press event nor needed one as crowds of journalists and show goers mobbed the Alfa Romeo stand all day long to get a glimpse of the exciting new 4C sportscar.

The Alfa Romeo 4C signals the rebirth of the brand with a renewed vitality and emphasis on performance, driving enjoyment and technology. The Alfa Romeo 4C achieves this with a mostly handmade chassis made of exotic materials like carbon fiber, aluminum and lightened SMC, an engine built in collaboration with Ferrari and visually stunning bodywork.

Alfa Romeo 4C US Launch Edition US Version
2015 Alfa Romeo Launch Edition US Version will cost approximately $70,000. Full features of the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch edition are listed here

The level of performance, sophistication, design and rarity gives the Alfa Romeo 4C genuine membership in the Italian Supercar club. Maybe the biggest surprise is the price. Base price on the Alfa Romeo 4C is said to be $54,000, making the car an attainable reality for performance car enthusiasts.

Alfa Romeo 4C US Version
Price for the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe will start at $54,000

While the Alfa Romeo 4C facts and figures are impressive, what elevates the 4C compared to cars with similar numbers is its exotic nature. Hand made in the Maserati facility in Modena with a look that can only come from Italy, the Alfa Romeo 4C presents a powerful persona. Combined with the Alfa Romeo heritage and mystique and you have a car that is destined for legendary status.

There are only 1,000 or so examples of the Alfa Romeo 4C headed towards lucky owners in North America. We'll have a list of Alfa Romeo dealers available shortly.

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