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Friday, February 10, 2012

How Fiat MultiAir Technology Works

Ever wonder how 100HP feels like a lot more? Watch the video and see...

One of the striking characteristics about the Fiat 500 is it's fun to drive. Ask any Fiat 500 owner and they'll comment on the lively acceleration and strong pulling power from surprisingly low rpm, making the car seem like it has a larger engine.

Fiat 500 MultiAir cutaway

This is all achieved through the use of Fiat MultiAir, the innovative technology created by Fiat Powertrain Technologies. MutiAir has been described as 'variable valve timing on steroids.'

MultiAir electo-hydraulic valve operation allows engineers to tailor valve openings to optimize drivability while at the same time maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing exhaust emissions.

US Fiat 500 Horsepower- Torque dyno sheet

Fiat MultiAir allows the Fiat 500 engine to be tuned for good midrange torque, particularly at part throttle operation, increasing the fun to drive factor. That is why the car always feels 'punchy' and ready to go.

Images: Chrysler LLC

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