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Friday, February 4, 2011

Behind the scenes at the Fiat 500 Press Event

During the last few weeks of January, 2011, Fiat North America hosted a press event for the media. For those lucky enough to be invited, we were treated to discussions hosted by the engineers, designers and leaders of the Fiat team. Toping this off was a drive through some challenging southern California roads.

The videos below give you a taste of what the event was like, some of the discussions and information that was provided.

I have to say the event atmosphere was exceptionally open and friendly, entirely in keeping with the character of the Fiat 500.

The first video has Laura Soave, Head of Fiat North America, taking you for a quick look behind the scenes at the media event held last month in San Diego.

Rick Deneau, Director—Product Communications, welcomed all of us to the Fiat 500 media launch.

Roberto Giolito, Fiat Style Director, discusses the design of the Fiat 500.

Fabio DiMuro, Chief Engineer , describes the differences between European and U.S model Fiat 500.

Soave gave a presentation to the attending media and goes in depth on the car. If you want to know about the Fiat 500, this is a must see.

Soave takes some questions and answers after her presentation.

In this video, Soave gives a quick overview on what the 500 is all about and how the car will be marketed.

Hats off to AutoNetwork for capturing this event for all to enjoy.


Frankie said...

Hi Chris,
Is there anyway you can post the feedback they had of the journalists that tried the Fiat 500 during the Media Event in San Diego? I am really curious what they thought about the car. Thanks.
Frankie said...

Hi Frankie,

You do have to keep in mind and expect the journalists to keep their guard up so as to not give their story away. Having said that, everyone I talked with was positive.

The overall vibe was positive and happy, I think the operative word was "fun".

Frankie said...

Thanks Chris, that's good news. By the way can you name a few newspaper company's that came over to San Diego's media event? Maybe they posted some articles on the web as well.
Take care,