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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fiat500USA Tuner Report: Romeo Ferraris

Legendary Italian tuner and race team owner Romeo Ferraris announced the production of a special 260 bhp Fiat 500 Abarth dubbed the "500 Monza". Ferraris is renown for producing winning race cars for more than 40 years. His expertise encompasses a wide range of makes such as BMW, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Renault and of course Fiat and Abarth.

Now he turns his attention to the Fiat 500 Abarth and takes its tuning to the extreme. A Fiat 500 Abarth with 260 bhp, all I can say is... "yes, please!".

Below is the official Romeo Ferraris press release:

For those who love the circuit, but cannot renounce to
luxury and details which make the difference

Realized only in 10 examples to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Romeo Ferraris, the 500 “Monza” represents the apex of a road preparation. The “starting point” is a 500 Abarth, that was mechanically revised in order to reach an incredible power of 260 bhp, and equipped with a new aerodynamic kit and brand new interiors, made of fine leather and Alcantara, with the colors of the famous Italian racing circuit.


The main color of its livery is Icy White, but we can find the official colors of Autodromo Nazionale Monza on the two red and blue stripes on the hood and on the back side of the car. Right in the center of the side stripes stands out the aluminum badge of the Italian speed temple that underlines the exclusivity of this car, equipped also with dark light frames and lucid black mirror's shell and door handles.

To increase the fresh air intake to the spicy engine, Romeo Ferraris decided to put a Naca type intake on the hood, derived from the Trofeo versions. Under the front bumper Romeo Ferraris chose to insert a carbon fiber blade, while on the rear we can find a unique rear diffuser which encloses the central exhaust system (road legal) of the race factory.


First quality leather and white Alcantara dominate the “Monza's” interiors, used to upholster every single part of the cabin, from the brand new sport seats to the interior roof: the original plastic is just a weak memory. The blue and red stripes show up also on the interior on the backrest of the seats, with the Monza logo embroidered on them.

The uniqueness of every exemplary is emphasized by a brass plate with the name of the owner on it. The owner will also get all the authenticity certificates and the serial number, marked also on the gear knob of the car.

For the demanding customers. Romeo Ferraris developed, together with Aznom ( a special luggage set in leather and a driving suit.

Design, Technology and attention to the details are the primary elements of Aznom philosophy, chosen by Romeo Ferraris as a technical partner for his special version.
A car that stands out for its sportivity, without renouncing to comfort and exclusivity thanks to the choice of precious materials.

0-155 mph on a dynamometer in a Romeo Ferraris prepared 500 Abarth with 206 hp competition performance kit
The best part of this car is the engine. The hp under the hood are two times the original ones, 135 vs 260. Romeo Ferraris was able to get this fantastic result thanks to a new turbocharger and a complete exhaust system, from downpipe to muffler. The power of 500 Monza is transmitted to the ground by a new gearbox with 6 sequential gears , which guarantees gear changes as fast as race cars and an enviable precision. Since there is so much power and torque at the driver's disposition, a limited slip differential, calibrated on Romeo Ferraris specifications was installed too, in order to make the car completely enjoyable and safe to drive SUSPENSIONS AND BRAKES More horsepower needs powerful brakes, that's an “always true sentence” that Romeo Ferraris chose to respect. Brembo brakes with 280mm discs and 4 piston calipers were the answer of the Opera Factory. Now 500 Monza can run an intense day on track without any fading, and stop safely in any condition. The best performance is achieved thanks to a new suspension set, made of racing components, that guarantee a phenomenal balance and fun, without however penalizing the comfort on the daily use. The production tires have been replaced by 205/40 r17 Yokohama Parada (tecnical partner of Romeo Ferraris) mounted on specified Romeo Ferraris wheels. TEST DRIVE For a road or track test drive feel free to contact our Press Office. We will arrange the test for you.

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