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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Fiat Brand 2019 Third Quarter Sales Results

2019 Fiat Lineup

The Fiat brand has reported third-quarter 2019 sales total of 2,360, a decrease of 38 percent from third-quarter 2018 sales.

The top-selling Fiat model was the 500 hatch and Cabrio series, followed by the 124 Spider and the 500X crossover.

Sadly, and much to the disappointment of Fiat enthusiasts, Fiat has announced that 2019 will be the last year of the best selling 500 hatch and Cabrio models here in the US. There is a next-generation 500 due out next year in Europe, but so far there has been silence on whether we will see that model on this side of the Atlantic. The new model will feature an all-electric powertrain which promises to make for an outstanding commuter car.

Fiat 124 Abarth Scorpion Sting
2020 Fiat 124 Abarth Spider with Scorpion Sting Appearance Group

In the meantime, Fiat USA has refocused on its 500X crossover. The 500X received a refreshed design and a new engine for 2019 and has been garnering positive press reviews. The 124 Abarth Spider has also been given some attention with a new available graphics package to build some excitement

Fiat Brand Sales in the United States, Third Quarter 2019
Fiat 500Current YearLast YearVol ChangeCurrent YTDLast Year YTDVol Change







Sources: FCA US LLC.
Images: FCA and author

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