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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 Fiat Freezeout Held at DICorse

Lancia Delta HF Integrale
This rare, Martini limited edition Lancia Delta HF Integrale owned by DICorse / Driving Impressions was one of the cars on hand at the Fiat Freezeout

Our friends at the New Jersey Chapter of the Fiat Club America (FCA) held the annual Fiat Freezeout event earlier this month. Fiat Freezeout is a great way to beat the winter blues by hanging out with fellow Italian auto enthusiasts and enjoy cars, refreshments, and more cars!

2018 Fiat Freezeout Party
The NJ Chapter of the FCA club is a new chapter but is growing by leaps and bounds. The event held on a cold February day had over 55 people from 5 states attend.*

This year's event was held at the Driving Impressions / DiCorse facility in Dover, New Jersey. Bob Zecca from DICorse and Driving Impressions is a longtime Italian car enthusiast and is one of the founders of the NJ Chapter of the FCA Club. Bob has a passion for racing and has a great collection of cars. DICorse / Driving Impressions not only offers top-quality accessories and racing gear for your car from companies like DNA and Seletron Chipbox and many others, but also has a full-service shop. They know Italian cars!

Abarth 500 Mefistofele
Another DICorse / Driving Impressions car was this Abarth 500 they brought in from Italy. Nicknamed Mefistofele, it is said to be the fastest Abarth 500 in the world with 325 hp and a 178 mph top speed. You can read more about the Abarth 500 Mefistofele here.

The New Jersey Chapter of the FCA Club is vibrant and one of the fastest growing chapters in the country with plenty of activities and energy. Italian cars thrive at high-speed on the Autostrada and twisty mountain roads, and there is no better place to experience the full potential of these cars than on a race track. Bob's racing background comes into play, and the club has track days planned as well as the usual drives and get-togethers.

DICorse racetrack simulator
Driving Impressions has a racetrack simulator that was a big hit at the Freezeout.  Anyone within driving distance of Dover, NJ needs to check it out.

The neat thing is that these track venues don't necessarily mean racing and some of these events are about enjoying your car at a speed you feel comfortable with without competing and without the fear of tickets or unsafe roads.

World Rally Legend Lancia Delta
World Rally Champion says it all...

Being in the FCA club also means you have fellow members that can share their know-how and experience with the cars. Some members have 50+ years of expertise on these cars and have a wealth of information they happily share. The club chapters all work together, and FCA club is one big family where everyone is welcomed.

500 Abarth Mefistofele
Another shot of the Abarth 500 Mefistofele

500 Abarth Mefistofele interior
Inside of the purpose built racer Mefistofele.

One of the pleasures of owning an Italian car is it is unique in the world of boring, everyday cars. Sharing your enthusiasm with like-minded, friendly people is an excellent way to enjoy your car even more and is highly recommended. You can find your local FCA Club Chapter here and don't forget to stop by the FCA Forum hosted by Fiat 500 USA.

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*Image courtesy of the NJ FCA Club. All others are the Author's.

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