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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fiat 500X Transmission Software Update

The Fiat 500X features an available ZF Friedrichshafen nine-speed automatic transmission. Designated the 948TE, the sophisticated transmission boasts excellent start-up acceleration and an outstanding up to 16 % improvement in highway fuel efficient compared to a conventional 6-speed automatic transmission. Reduced overall noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels are also hallmarks of the 948TE, and the transmission is used by numerous car companies ranging from Honda to Jaguar/Land Rover.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been steadily tweaking and refining the performance of this impressive transmission with a series of software updates or reflashes. These are usually automatically applied to customer cars when brought into routine service while under warranty coverage or if a concern is expressed. The latest software update dated December 5, 2015, offers improved transmission shift enhancements for sand and snow mode.*

In addition there are other tweaks and refinements included in the update.
  • Reduced harshness of 1-2 upshifts.
  • Improved accelerator pedal response in Sport and TractionPlus modes.
  • Reduction in RPM flare at engine start.
  • Improved idle performance when shifting into DRIVE or REVERSE following
  • a cold start.

Some of these improvements may have been included in previous updates, and some owners may not even notice any difference in performance at all depending on how they drive and their driving conditions, but it is always a smart idea to run the latest software. It is another good reason to stop by your Fiat Studio. While you are there, go to the parts department and check out the latest accessories and swag, and maybe have a cappuccino!

Contact your Fiat Studio for more information and to see if this software update applies to your car or if you have any questions or concerns. Use the following Technical Service Bulletin for reference:

Fiat 500X Transmission Shift And Drivability Enhancements

Fiat Technical Service Bulletin 21-024-15 REV. C

2016 Fiat 500X

NOTE: This Fiat technical service bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before October 24, 2015 (MDH 1024XX) equipped with a 2.4L Engine (Sales Code ED6), 948TE Automatic Transmission (Sales Code DFH) and **3.734 Final Drive Ratio (Sales Code DME)

This bulletin involves reprogramming the Transmission Control Module (TCM) with the latest available software.

Read more:

*This information is provided for discussion purposes only. You should always contact your dealer for up to date information and to answer any questions. The dealer will be able to tell you what if any bulletins are applicable to your car.

Images courtesy of FCA NV.

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