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Monday, September 14, 2015

Fiat 500X Uconnect Software Update

Fiat 500X with Uconnect 6.5

Fiat has released a major software update for the Uconnect 6.5 infotainment system used in Fiat 500X Lounge and Trekking Pus models. The new software update brings numerous enhancements and operating improvements to Uconnect (we have the full list below). Owners can easily update their system themselves by downloading the software update direct from the Uconnect owners support website or stop by their dealer to have it done for them.

Fiat 500X Uconnect 6.5 Splash Screen

The dealer will have this listed as Fiat Technical Service Bulletin 08-059-15 REV. B under the name "RA4 Radio Enhancements." The update on the Uconnect owners site is Service Bulletin ID: FSAR-32239 RA4 Radio Enhancements. Here is what it does:

Fiat Technical Service Bulletin: 08-059-15 REV. B / Service Bulletin ID: FSAR-32239
DATE: September 12, 2015

Updates and Enhancements to the Fiat 500X Uconnect 6.5

This bulletin involves upgrading the software on the RA4 Radio.

2016 (FB) Fiat 500X (U.S. Market Only)

This bulletin applies vehicles built on or before **July 04, 2015 (MDH 0704XX)** equipped with Uconnect 6.5 NAV (sales code RA4) radio with system software versions below 15.21.37.

Fiat 500X owners may experience one or more of the following:

  • Travel Link soft key missing (U.S. only).
  • Weather map now available for SXM (U.S. only).
  • Cannot select different map displays.
  • Point Of Interest (POI) cannot be added as waypoints.
  • Conference calls may not display all active callers.
  • Improve iPod response time, to start playing audio.
  • Browsing knob inoperative after exiting Short Message Service (SMS).
  • “Where Am I” feature inoperative while driving.
  • When using iPod touch, the incorrect song name may be displayed.
  • May not display Auto Park Brake menu, if equipped.
  • Cannot create a new SMS, using phone numbers.
  • Display the correct message, when in service mode.
  • Poor or no audio from the radio, also radio controls may not respond. On further
  • inspection the technician my find DTC B223B-00 Vehicle Configuration Mismatch.
  • False error message while in service brake mode.
  • Personal setting lost after key cycle, dynamic guidelines and Show Time bar.


  • Display Travel Link soft key on more of the display screens (U.S. only).
  • Display the correct media screen when using iPod touch.
  • Improve screen layouts during media playback.
  • Improved SMS screen displays.
  • Correctly display speed lockout messages.
  • Color improvements on navigation map.
  • Improved chime warning volumes.
  • Browsing improvements for Bluetooth audio.
  • Improved conference call handling.
  • Improved Voice Recognition (VR) commands for AM radio request.

How to Update the Fiat 500X Uconnect 6.5 System

The first step is to check your Uconnect software release number. If the software is **15.21.37** or higher, your car has the new update you are set and don't need to do anything. If not, keep going:

How to check the software version on you Fiat 500X Uconnect 6.5 System:

Fiat 500X Uconnect 6.5 Menu Button

Start the vehicle and turn on the radio. Press “Menu/Settings” button (hard key) on the radio above the tuning knob on the right.

Navigating settings menu

Toggle down until you see the “System Information” using the touch screen soft key arrow.

Fiat 500X Uconnect System Information Button

Check what Software Version is on the radio.

Fiat 500X Uconnect System Information Screen 

Is the software at **15.21.37** or higher? If Yes, this bulletin has been completed and nothing needs to be done.  My car had software version 15.20.35 and needed the reflash.

Next, go to Uconnect's website called Driveconnect and enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and see if update is applicable to your 500X.

Uconnect Software Update Screen

If it is, the site will walk you through how to download the update, which involves unzipping a file onto a 4GB USB memory stick and then plugging it into your car's USB port.

Flash drive loaded with software update

A couple of notes: it is important that this USB flash drive is totally empty and it is formatted in NTFS. Remember,  you need to extract the file onto the flash drive and not just send the zip file there. There is a download manager on the site called Akamai NetSession that can help optimize the speed of the download, but I skipped that and just downloaded the zip file, which is 471 MB. When unzipped, the new software file labeled "swdl" is about 796 MB. The flash drive I used was technically 3.7 GB.

Fiat 500X center armrest USB port

Turn your radio on and remove any other USB devices from both USB ports in the car. Insert your flash drive into the USB port located in the center armrest compartment. Then follow the prompts on the radio. This update may take take 20 minutes so it is recommended that the car be running. Only do this outside as carbon monoxide is deadly and can sneak up on you inside a garage even with a door open.

CAUTION: The screen may display “No Files On USB” Do Not remove the USB flash drive. This message should only last about a minute.

FIat 500X Uconnect Software Update Screen

The first prompt will display both your old and the new software version and ask do you want to upgrade software to 15.21.37. Hit yes, and then sit back for a while and let the update do its thing.

FIat 500X Uconnect Software Updating

The screen may go blank a few times, plus cycle through a few splash screens.

Verifying Software Updated

Wait until the message asking if you want to upgrade the software to 15.21.37 appears again and this time select No. It is then safe to remove the USB stick and time to enjoy the enhanced functionality of your Uconnect system!

Here is an example of the improved map graphics and details:

Old Uconnect Navigation Map

Previous version of the navigation map.

New Old Uconnect Navigation Map

The new software update brings much more detail.

This is provided for informational purposes only. You should always contact your dealer for up to date information and to answer any questions. The dealer will be able to tell you if this TSB is applicable to your car.

Some images courtesy of FCA.

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