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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fiat Recreates Masterpiece at LA Auto Show

Fiat 500L Masterpiece at LA Auto Show

Fiat has commissioned an artist to recreate the Michelangelo painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on the inside roof of a Fiat 500L at the LA Auto Show. The artist, Italian painter Nicola Verlato, will replicate the iconic masterpiece over the course of six days right on the show floor while the public watches. Fiat is doing this to showcase the advanced design and roominess of the 500L, a car that within its subcompact length has the interior room of a full-size car and tie in the heritage of classic Italian design, engineering and art that Michelangelo represents.

Nicola Verlato, laying on his back and using oil and watercolor, will recreate specific scenes from the Sistine Chapel painting. Fiat will have daily updates so you can watch Verlato's work. Bookmark this post to see the progress.

Last month, the Fiat 500L was put on display at the Gallery of Modern Art in Torino, Italy in a show that pays tribute to Renoir, one of the founders and leading painters of the Impressionist style. Light and color are the key elements of Renoir's painting philosophy and also the elements that make up the design of the 500L's interior. Special attention was payed to having a bright and airy pasenger compartment aided by the 500L's extensive window area. The shapes and colors used throughout the interior are also designed to evoke positve human emotions and feelings.

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