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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fiat 500 Sales For June 2013

Fiat USA has posted sales for June, and they show an overall gain of 1 percent compared to the same month a year ago. Fiat sold a total of 4,050 cars last month - 3,509 Fiat 500 hatchbacks, Cabrios and Abarths and 541 Fiat 500L 5 doors. Sales of the Fiat 500L are going very well, the 541 figure is particularly impressive because the 500L has only been available since the middle of June, with some Fiat Studios waiting even longer to receive their allotment. Most of the first shipment have been Fiat 500L Easy and Lounge models, expect to see the full range of models, from the 500L Pop to the highly anticipated 500L Trekking coming in the next wave of cars arriving from Europe.

June was a busy month for Fiat. Besides the debut of the Fiat 500L, June saw Fiat continue its relentless social media campaign with its "Score a Scorpion" contest, launching the website and utilizing its very active Facebook page. The Fiat 500 also added two more awards to its trophy case: the 2013 Fiat 500 picked as one of Kelly Blue Books "10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000" and the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio named "Best Convertible" by Southern Automotive Media Association. Finally, the month saw the launch of the Fiat 500L media campaign, featuring a new Fiat commercial called "Italian Invasion" that has a Paul Revre like character riding through a colonial town announcing the 'Italians are coming!"

July is also looking very promising for Fiat with another full shipment of Fiat 500Ls arriving at the port, the all electric Fiat 500e beginning to show up at Californian Fiat Studios and the largest Fiat owners convention (Fiat FreakOut) about to kick off in two weeks (July 18). We'll be keeping an eye on this all, so stick around!

Fiat 500 Sales in the United States - Jan - June 2013
Fiat 500Current MonthLast YearVol ChangeCurrent YTD TotalLast Year YTD TotalVol Change
June 2013






May 2013      4,051  4,003     +1%        17,562        16,702  +5%
April 2013      3,899  3,849      +1%        13,511        12,699   +6%
March 2013      3,807  3,712      +3%         9,612          8,850   +9%
February 2013      3,302  3,227      +2%         5,805          5,138   +13%
January 2013      2,503  1,911     31%         2,503          1,911   +31%

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