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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2013 Fiat FreakOut Wrap Up

2013 Fiat FreakOut

The 2013 Fiat FreakOut has just wrapped up and was an outstanding success. Fiat enthusiasts from around the country, Canada and even Europe showed up at  Long Island, New York, home of this year's FreakOut, to take part in the four day celebration of Fiat Group cars. Fans were treated to rare cars, including Fiat Dinos, a Lancia Apppia, an Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato and 8C Competizione coupe, to name just few. FreakOut Photo Album

Between scenic drives, cruises and cocktail parties, attendees had the opportunity to talk with the Nicole Longhini, Fiat 500L Product Marketing Manager and Fabrizio Vacca, Senior Interior Designer of the 500L. Vacca, who flew in from Torino, Italy just for the show, gave a presentation on the new Fiat 500L with an overview of the history of Fiat family car design and where the 500L fits in.

First row at 2013 Fiat FreakOut

Fiat FreakOut was started in 1983 - the same year Fiat stopped selling new cars in the US - by  Bobb Rayner and a handful of Fiat enthusiasts. They formed a club called the Fiat Lancia Underground that later became Fiat Lancia Unlimited. Over the past thirty years, this Fiat club has evolved into the largest in North America with the Fiat FreakOut the largest gathering of Fiat enthusiasts in the nation. For carrying the Fiat banner and supporting the brand while Fiat was absent from the US market for 28 years, the Fiat Lancia Unlimited club was rewarded by Fiat in 2010 by being offered the first batch of Fiat 500s off of the production line.

Spiders at 2013 Fiat FreakOut

This year marked a name change for the club, which is now called Fiat Club America. Whatever the club is called, though, it is still built upon being a friendly and welcoming community of Fiat Group car enthusiasts, just as it was in the beginning.

Next year's Fiat FreakOut is being held in Chicago. Become a part of it and join the Fiat Club America!

Panorama photo courtesy of Fiat Club America

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