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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fiat 500e with e-Sport Package

Fiat 500e in Grigio with e-Sport Package
Fiat 500e in Grigio with e-Sport Package

The Fiat 500e promises to turn the EV world upside down with a blend of style and sporty driving characteristics that aren't typical in the EV segment. The fun to drive nature of the Fiat 500 has been built upon and enhanced with the addition of the electric motor's near instant torque output of 147 lb.ft - nearly 50 lb.ft more than the gasoline powered 500. Providing the energy to the liquid cooled, 83 kW, 3-Phase high efficiency AC motor is a 24 kWh hour liquid-cooled/heated 97 cell lithium-ion battery located just before the rear wheels.

Fiat 500e with e-Sport Package interior
Cars with the e-Sport Package come with Nero interiors with Electrico Arancione Perla accents.

The added weight of the battery pack gives the Fiat 500e a weight distribution advantage over the standard Fiat 500 (57/43 compared to Fiat 500’s 64/36). Fiat chassis engineers took advantage of the more equalized weight distribution and lower center of gravity provided by the battery pack and tuned the 500e for increased handling capability. Staggered wheel widths add to stability both during straight line driving and through cornering transitions. The Fiat 500 Abarth lends its ductile iron front control arms, reinforced rear axle beam along with its high performance brake system to the all electric 500e.

Fiat 500e in Bianco Perla with e-Sport Package
Fiat 500e in Bianco Perla with e-Sport Package

By now you can tell there has been considerable emphasis on how the Fiat 500e drives and, judging by the number of Fiat executives that have picked the 500e as personal transportation, consumers are in for an immensely enjoyable driving experience.

Fiat 500e in Nero with e-Sport Package
Fiat 500e in Nero with e-Sport Package

For those who want to build on the sporty nature of the 500e, Fiat offers the e-Sport Package. This attractive trim package features blacked out dot-matrix fascias and exterior lighting. Electrico Arancione Perla accents are used on unique black painted alloy wheels, mirror caps and lower body side stripe.

The e-Sport Package is available in Argento, Grigio, Bianco Perla and Nero exterior paint. Interior color is black with Electrico Arancione Perla accents.

The Fiat 500e may very well be the first EV with a serious performance aftermarket following, and I wouldn't be surprised if owners hit the track with the car. Stay tuned!

Fiat 500e in Argento with e-Sport Package


Anonymous said...

I just got my 500E. Plugged it in and used an extension cord, which after a while got really hot, melting the cords, getting stuck together. And not resetting my outlet.
Is there a specific extension cord I can use. ?

I also, have a 220v outlet but with a different outlet, can i use that instead. is there an extension cord avaiable that i can use for it.? said...

Good question! I would ask it on the Fiat 500e forum. I'm sure one of the owners will help you.

DGreen said...

Have an electrician look at that outlet. Regardless of what load it should or would handle with the right extension cord, you should never have a meltdown without breaking the circuit. Possibly this was a garage circuit that was purpose built for heavy electric machinery use so you would need a heavy duty RV or machinery extension cord. These are available at machine shop supply houses and RV supply locations.