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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fiat 500T Cattiva at the Detroit Auto Show

Fiat 500T Cattiva

One of the Fiat 500 show cars making their debut at the Detroit Auto Show this month is the Fiat 500T Cattiva. The word "Cattiva" in Italian means "Wicked," which is an apt description of the look of this 500 Turbo with its black accents on a Rame (copper) colored body. The concept behind the Fiat 500T Cattiva is to demonstrate how the image and character of a Fiat 500 can be changed by just using accessories and subtle paint customizations. The amount of personalization one can do to a Fiat 500 is only limited by an individual's imagination.

Fiat 500T Cattiva roof

The roof of the Fiat 500T Cattiva has been given the gloss black paint treatment. This look helps visually lower the car and also highlights the shape of the 500.

Fiat 500T Cattiva door handle

Door handles painted in body color also updates the 500T's style.

Fiat 500T Cattiva wheel

Wheels have been finished in a satin dark grey finish - again a subtle difference that sets this Fiat 500T apart from others.

Fiat 500T Cattiva quarter view

A three-quarter rear view of the Fiat 500T Cattiva. The Rame color is rich and luxurious.

Fiat 500T Cattiva dashboard

The normally body colored dash of a Fiat 500 has been changed to an all business matte-black. The hand stitched steering wheel features silver stitching, as does the shift knob and seats.

Fiat 500T Cattiva interior

Leather sport seats are available in the Fiat 500T and look and smell great.

Fiat 500T Cattiva rear

The rear view of the Fiat 500T Cattiva - serious and with a sting.

Fiat 500T Cattiva feature list

Fiat 500T Cattiva features.


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