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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fiat Spin to Win Car Giveaway

Fiat Spin to Win contest

Last month, Fiat USA's Facebook page hit 500,000 likes. To celebrate this accomplishment and to thank its fans, Fiat USA started a contest called 'Spin to Win' that will be giving away a new Fiat 500 Sport to one of ten lucky fans. Additionally, if you were one of the first 500,000 people to like the Fiat USA page, you are eligible for $500 off a new Fiat 500 or Fiat 500c.

The Fiat USA's Facebook page has been running fun games and contests over the past few months. These popular contests, along with attention getting TV commercials, have been successful in ramping up brand awareness and have translated to big sales gains since the beginning of the year.

Make sure you visit Fiat USA's Facebook page here to enter the contest. Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

It seems that participating in any of FIATs contest require you to have a Facebook account, which I don't have and don't want to have. I thought contests were obligated to allow everyone access to participate without proprietary accounts to access the contest. Can someone please help me understand this selective customer base related contest...

Anonymous said...

I do not look kindly on companies who choose to get into bed with Facebook and exclude a big chunk of their customers in the process. They should duplicate their promotional efforts on all their internet platforms - not exclusively on those that require registration. Fiat, I will not forget being snubbed.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Forcing one to subscribe
to Facebook in order to enter a
contest is probably illegal at
worse and lousy business practice
at best. I would never even
consider one of their cars.

Anonymous said...

The contest is to celebrate the original 500,000 facebook fans. Don't hate because you don't use social media.

bcars17 said...

Nothing like people complaining when a company wants to give things away. They could have just not done anything at all in the first place and then no one would have received anything. So what if they choose to use Facebook as a mutually beneficial platform to support giving away free stuff. Get a clue people and quit acting like little kids that didn't get there name pulled out of a hat.

herrwagner said...

People can have and use Facebook, but also give us non users an alternate method of your contests entry. We sure feel leftout of it.
You could say it's for the millions that are not Facebook users. we'll Love you for thinking of us.