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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fiat 500 Sales for January Beat MINI Cooper Sales

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 sales figures are in for January, and they have once again beaten MINI Cooper sales. Last month, 1911 Fiat 500s were sold compared to 1710 MINI Cooper Hardtop and Convertibles sold. This is the fourth time Fiat beat MINI sales since last March, the first month the Fiat 500 went on sale. MINI figures are used because they are the closest competitor type and offer perspective to the sales figures posted.

July 2011 Sales
Fiat 3038
MINI 2753

August 2011 Sales
Fiat 3106
MINI 2003

September 2011 Sales
Fiat 2773
MINI 2331

January 2012 Sales
Fiat 1911
MINI 1710

Fiat sold 25,191 cars during the 10 months it was on sale last year. Taken by itself, this figure would be considered a respectable showing for the niche car that had only half of its 130 dealers open during most of that time. However, Fiat shot themselves in the foot with a prediction of selling 50,000 units during its first year. Where this figure came from will always be in question, but it put the 500 under the burden of not meeting its first year's sales forecast and has garnered the attention of those who look for a quick headline.

Follow this link here to read more about Fiat sales. Below is a video where Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat SpA gives some insight on Fiat 500 sales.

Fiat 500 sales forecast for 2012 is 25,000 - 35,000 cars, a much more realistic goal. Now with the dealer body fully up and running, a hugely successful Super Bowl ad, the launch of the new Fiat 500 Abarth coming this quarter and the Fiat 500 EV scheduled by year's end, 2012 promises to be an exciting year for the Fiat 500. Stick around!

Fiat 500 January 2012 Sales


Eduardo Palandi said...

do these numbers include the S and JCW versions?

dbwilldo said...

Your numbers are off. MINI sold 3,334 cars in January.

The Countryman is a MINI.

dbwilldo said...

That includes all versions. If you follow the link I posted you can find the break down.

Now, if you include ALL Fiats, MINI doesn't even come close. said...

The figures are 100% correct and include the S versions. The MINI Hardtop and Convertible are used because they are the most comparable. The 500 isn't a 4 door, isn't a wagon, isn't 4 wheel drive and isn't a sports coupe.

I don't know how you can compare 4 different car models to just 1. As it is, I include the S versions of the MINI and Fiat doesn't have an equivalent model - yet.

The figure is mainly used to provide context to Fiat 500 sales to show it is selling in respectable amounts.

Johnny Flosser said...

It is my understanding that the 500 isn't in the same class as the Mini. Isn't the Mini technically a B class vehicle, where the 500 is an A class vehicle? And if so, we should be comparing the 500 to the extremely bland and boring Scion IQ and the equally ugly Smart fortwo. (That is, of course, my professional opinion on those two cars mentioned.)

Anonymous said...

This comparison has been done based not on car's size but type.

Fiat 500 therefore should be compared to 'nostalgic' cars like VW Beatle, Chrysler PT Cruiser (not produced) and Mini. Not to Mini Countryman - which is simply ugly SUV not a nostalgic car