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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Future US Fiat ElleZero Spotted

Fiat ElleZero and

Images of the new Fiat ElleZero, expected to come to America, have surfaced on the Internet. The new Fiat, code named L0 or ElleZero, will be a roomy, 4 door MPV type vehicle. The Fiat ElleZero is expected to join the US Fiat 500 in showrooms sometime in 2013.

Fiat ElleZero rear

Produced in both 5 and 7 passenger versions, this B segment vehicle's length is approximately 161 - 169 inches compared with 139 inches for the Fiat 500.

New Fiat Panda
New Fiat Panda

The new Fiat ElleZero shows a strong family relationship with the Fiat 500, but also mixes the latest Fiat styling cues from the popular Fiat Panda, Europe's number 1 selling A segment car.

Fiat models coming to the US
This slide taken from Fiat's June 2011 investors presentation shows the new ElleZero due in US showrooms in 2013, but notice there is also a Fiat produced Jeep model due out at the same time...

In Europe, the Fiat ElleZero is expected to have a full range of engines available - the 1.3 L and 1.6 L MultiJet diesels and .9 L TwinAir and the 1.4 L MutiAir gas engines. This leaves a lot of possibilities open for us here in this country.

Fiat ElleZero CUV
The Fiat ElleZero chassis has all wheel drive capability. Could we see a Jeep version of that here?

The Fiat ElleZero chassis is different than the US Fiat 500. It is called the SUSW (Small US Wide), and is a widened and US-compliant platform based on the one used by the Fiat Punto and Alfa Romeo MiTo models. The revised chassis will have 4 wheel drive capability.

The Fiat ElleZero will make its debut during the Geneva International Motor Show, March 8-18, 2012. Stay tuned!

Images: Fiat Group Press, Chrysler Media, Quattrororuote


Anonymous said...

I think giving more choices opens up more potential buyers and that is a good thing. The L0 looks really cool!!

Anonymous said...

Ellezero lookks great. My poersonal favorite (after having driven them all in Italy last summer) remaijn the GrandPunto though. Just the right size for being a small car in the USA (and a great bi-power version, the way to go in the future)