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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breaking News: The Fiat 500 Spare Tire Kit has Arrived!

The Fiat 500, like many new vehicles on the market, comes with a tire inflation kit as standard equipment and offers an optional spare tire at additional cost. Research shows this is suitable for most people, but if you wanted a spare, you would have to order from the dealer all the individual pieces to retrofit the spare tire carrier to the car and that could easily run over $425.00.

The Fiat 500 spare tire is hung under the vehicle. The heavily reinforced chassis and added rear crossbeam necessitate that.

Fiat, always listening to feedback from its customers, has come up with a solution:

The MOPAR Compact Spare Tire Kit for the FIAT 500. Part number - 82212995.

The kit combines all the necessary parts needed to complete the full compact spare installation; including the compact spare, jack, and carrying case. The dealer installed MOPAR Compact Spare Tire Kit will be priced at $275 plus installation.

The MOPAR kit now provides the flexibility for Studios to order the standard Tire Inflator Kit and then add the Compact Spare Tire kit at the time of sale. The MOPAR kit allows customers the option of the added security of both features.



Anonymous said...

Nice! Now THIS is how things should be done, listen to the customer and then make changes accordingly.

Nice going FIAT.

Now to have more ala carte options so we aren't stuck with something we don't necessarily want and I think that'll be peachy keen if I say so myself.

Prima 109 said...

Thank God. It gives peoople peace of mind if nothing else. A flat tire is one thing, but if you whack a pothole and rip the sidewall, that inflator isn't worth squat.

Anonymous said...

this part not on MOPAR website? How much to order one and ship to Canada?

Anonymous said...

As much as the compact spare is an improvement, let's see if FIAT truly listens to the customer as stated in this blog.

I was unable to avoid a pothole on Saturday and this resulted in a unrepairable flat tire on my 3 week old FIAT 500 Sport. My local dealer was not open, and I waited, impatiently, until Monday am. On Monday, the parts department said it wasn't in stock and would be here in two days. Luckily it came in the next day (today). Yes, I can drive on the compact spare, but I am driving without a spare to the compact, which is not something that provides me much comfort.

Please, Fiat, either put a full size spare on the car or encourage dealers to have the tire available. Three days without a backup to the compact spare isn't a comforting thought.

If this is an example of after sales support, I now know to ask more questions before buying a car. Is a tire readily avail at the FIAT or Chrysler parts and service department? Or will buy a car with full-size spare as in all of my other cars.

Posting annonymously to avoid hate mail. said...

I was going to comment on your post, but it comes across so hostile and belligerent, I'll pass. I see why you posted anonymously.

Exeter Pipple said...

I don't see anything "hostile and belligerent" about the truly appreciated, by me, post by Anonymous.

I'm considering buying a Fiat 500 but have been hesitant because of the spare tire issue. No spare tire means no sale to this interested consumer.

If a spare tire is available with a Fiat (it should be standard equipment), then the major obstacle, for me, to becoming a Fiat 500 owner will have been removed.

Dave Q. said...

I have an Abarth and the spare tire mounting kit won't fit on it because of the exhaust system and the rear anti-sway bar. But I am buying the kit anyway just so that I can have a spare tire and jack to stuff into the trunk whenever needed - like when travelling out across country. It will take up some precious cargo room, but we'll see how it all works out. Peace of mind is wonderful.

It can't be any worse than the tire inflator/foam kit which is good only for slow leak situations. My experience with low-profile tires is that, when you are driving, by the time you realize that you have a flat the sidewall is already in bad shape and the tire is generally ruined. Then, the inflator kit and foam is useless. The same thing goes if you have a pothole blowout - useless inflator kit.

thomas l briggs said...

I was told after I bought my fiat 500 pop by my salesman that my car does not come with A spair tire. He told me just before I left. He said I could buy it as extra equipment. HELLO this the USA all new cars come with A spair tire. Are roads are not the best and tires do blow out then we are screwed. I feel they should have A recall to give us A spair tire kit. These Kits Are To Pricey..

thomas briggs said...

Fiat should have a recall to install a free spare tire . In the USA all cars come with a spare tire. The kit cost way to much. A recall is in order.. Please Have A recall to fix this.....

Anonymous said...

Not all cars that are sold in the US have a spare. Mini or city cars come with the sealer inflation kit because of space and weight restrictions. The FIAT 500 is not unique to this. The Scion IQ does not have any kind of spare either and I do not elieve one can even be fitted . I have the compact spare kit on mt 500 that I installed myself. I am happy to have it and it does give some peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate the fact that there is no spare tire, but what bugged me is the lack of jack. What bugged me even more is that the manual clearly states that the jack is located under the seat, and there is no mention whatsoever that this equipment is optional, contrary to other optional equipment available for the car and clearly identified as such in the manual.

Phylis said...

My spare kit is would have gone in easily, but there are not the threaded bolt holes for the four bolts that hold the spare in place, only one that I could find. My car is a 2013 model Sport.

Anonymous said...

I have gone over many pot holes and never a flat. However, now that I drive a 2014 Fiat Sport Model, last night I went over a pot hole and now have a flat tire. Not only was I stranded for two hours with my young son, waiting for a tow truck, but now I get to go a few days without a car (until the tire is in), but I get to pay $200 for a new tire. The tow truck driver didn't try to use the tire inflation/chemical repair kit, because he said it was too dangerous to drive on a tire after using the kit on it. I will file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs, as the salesman told me just before leaving (after the purchase) that there is no spare tire for the Fiat 500 Sport, and said the tire repair kit was new technology and just as good as a spare tire. I was ripped off. I think it is only natural for a person to be angry about this. I applaud anyone else who posts about this problem!! I also encourage you all to file complaints with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Anonymous said...

I bought a used 2013 Fiat 500 Sport and just had a flat today - due to residential construction around the area. Gladly, this car came with a mini spare located under the car. It is peace of mind knowing that you have a spare (even if it's a mini) and not having to be towed or able to continue your journey until the next tire shop to have it fixed. I've never used the tire repair kit - so I can't comment.

Anonymous said...

I just installed the kit on my 2013 FIAT 500 Turbo. Install took 20 min. I only did this AFTER blowing out a tire on a pothole last week and getting somewhat stranded. I'm not going through that again.

Unknown said...

For me, the best solution was to buy a new spare wheel (about $65), a new spare tire ($82), a new TPMS unit (I think I paid about $30 for it....), have it mounted and balanced ($22 at Les Schwab), wrap it in a plastic bag (free, courtesy of Les Schwab) and stick it in the trunk. I'm gonna take out the rear seats anyway, so what space I lost to the spare tire, I'll gain back by losing the seats. Only thing left to do then is to figure out a good way to secure the spare so it doesn't go flying around in the case of (God forbid!) an accident.