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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Check Out "Simply More by Fiat" in New York City

There is still time to visit Fiat's "Simply More" event in New York City this weekend. This is one of the must see events in New York City this weekend. Held in Times Square, the event entertained thousands of New Yorkers and visitors from all over.

The festivities include live games, music, Italian refreshments and treats. In keeping with Fiat's new TV commercial "Drive In", thirty Fiat 500 sedans and cabrios are arranged "Drive In" style, and positioned to watch movies being played on the Time Square jumbotron for all to enjoy.

Experiential or "Hands On" marketing is an essential part of Fiat marketing and judging by all the enthusiastic people who sat in and had their picture taken next to the cars, I'd say Fiat is on the right track! Look for the "Simply More by Fiat" event to visit Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

Dates and Location:
•Saturday, Aug. 13 – Sunday, Aug. 14
•New York – Times Square
•7th Ave. between 43rd St. and 44th St. (Military Island)
•Opens to the public at 2 p.m., movie begins at dusk
•More than 30 vehicles placed along Military Island reserved for consumers to view double feature

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