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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't miss the 2011 Fiat FreakOut

The Fiat Lancia Club's annual convention will be held in Nashville on July 21st through the 24th. If you own a new Fiat 500, you can not miss this event! The presenting sponsor will be Fiat USA. They'll bring the Fiat Mobile Experience, which is something you really have to see. If you don't have a Fiat, but are curious, here is your chance to find out what it's all about.

Make sure you have your registration in and have booked your hotel. Here are a few links to help:

Fiat FreakOut main page and itinerary

Fiat FreakOut history

Fiat FreakOut registration form

Main Hotel (the show's group rate deadline has passed, but why not call them and see what they can do)

Fiat FreakOut Caravan style cruise for North East and East coasters (posted on Fiat 500 USA's forum)

Fiat FreakOut Facebook page


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Quick question because I'm really interested in attending this year's Fiat Freak Out. Will there be anyone from FiatUSA Corporate present at this weekend gathering? (Maybe as a keynote speaker or something along those lines)

As always love the blog and it's always helpful. said...

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!
Yes, Fiat will be there and last I heard, I'm expecting some folks from corporate. Of course, things can change, but I am optimistic.