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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fiat 500: Connecting to Blue&Me

One outstanding feature that is standard on all versions of the Fiat 500 is Blue&Me, the fully integrated in-vehicle infotainment system that allows users to make hands-free telephone calls and control music and other functions using voice commands. To begin using Blue&Me, you'll first need to pair your mobile phone. Here's how:

The pairing procedure will only need to be performed once for your mobile phone. After this procedure Blue&Me™ will automatically connect to your phone each time you get into the car and turn the ignition key to ON.

You can create a pairing relationship using the PAIRING option in the SETTINGS menu. To create a pairing relationship using manual interaction, proceed as follows:
  • Press /MAIN to open the Main Menu, then select SETTINGS by pressing PRESET UP/OK.
  • Select PAIRING and then press PRESET UP/OK. The system will start the pairing procedure.
  • The system shows the mobile phone pairing PIN on the instrument panel display and repeats it. Please note that this is a PIN used just for this operation, it is not your SIM PIN.
For the next two steps, consult your mobile phone owner’s manual about Bluetooth pairing.
  • On your mobile phone, query for devices equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology that are within range(this option on your mobile phone might be called Discover, New Device, etc.). View the list of Bluetooth wireless technology enabled devices and select “Blue&Me™ ” (item that identifies Blue&Me™ on your car).
  • When prompted by the mobile phone, enter the PIN number shown on the instrument panel display. If pairing is successful, the system will say “Connecting” and then the display will show the paired mobile phone ID.
  • It is of vital importance to wait until this confirmation message is displayed since pressing /MAIN or /ESC at the time may cancel the pairing process. If pairing fails, an error message will be displayed and the pairing procedure shall be repeated.
  • At first pairing, the system will say “Welcome” immediately after connecting. This message will no longer be heard at next pairing procedures.
For more information on how Blue&Me works, consult your navigation and multimedia manual or view a copy online here.

Source: Fiat USA, Fiat 500 Navigation and Multimedia Manual


Anonymous said...

Is it standard equipment in the USA because its not in Canada? said...

Yes, they just made it standard on the base Pop model, at least in the US. I would contact Chrysler Canada and ask them, hopefully they'll follow suit.

Chris H. (Prima 148) said...

Chris: If I haven't missed this can you ask Fiat about Blue&Me Nav and if they have plans? I have suspicions that the Tomtom Blue&Me would work with the NA 500s fine (even though there's no stalk as in the European version.

Anonymous said...

My bluetooth is in french, and I don't,then know how to change it to English. Help!