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Friday, April 8, 2011

Test drive a new Fiat 500 this weekend!

FIAT of Gaithersburg

Now that Fiat Studios all over the country are beginning to receive the new Fiat 500. Why not test drive one his weekend?

FIAT of Austin

Sounds great, but how do you find your nearest Fiat Studio? First take a look at the right sidebar here on this blog.

Bergstrom FIAT

Whitten Brothers FIAT

If you are near one of these studios, you'll be well served by visiting one.

Bob-Boyd FIAT

They are dedicated to giving their clients the full Fiat Experience, and you will not be disappointed.

Now, if you are not near one of the above Studios, check the official dealer list below:

Dealership List 4-7-11
Note that some Fiat Studios are not fully open yet, however, they all should have a Fiat Demo for you to check out. Give them a call, set up a time and have some fun!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

GREAT website Chris! Thanks for all of the Fiat information and updates :) My wife REALLY wants a Fiat 500 but is nervous about giving up her current car with AWD given that we live in a pretty snowy state. I noticed online that Fiat is developing a Fiat 500 with AWD (see link below), but it looks like that new model WON'T make it to the United States. Do you have any information about any future US-bound Fiats with AWD? Thanks :)