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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fiat Studio UPDATE: Revised Fiat Studio List

Fiat USA has just posted a revised list of Fiat Studios in the United States. This list also includes the scheduled opening dates.

I've posted it here for your convenience, but remember to check Fiat USA's website and Facebook page to stay up to date with what's going on.

Fiat500USA-Fiat Dealership List 3-14-2011


Anonymous said...

Interesting how for Seattle, we are now down one dealership.

AutoNation seems to be out of the running. Fiat of Kirkland and Fiat of Tacoma and soon Fiat of Vancouver are it. Kirkland seems to be officially open for business already even though their studio may or may not be quite ready yet.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the Carolinas are oddly represented in this version. North Carolina (Fiat of Cary) comes alphabetically before Nebraska (for NC, I presume,) and South Carolina (Stateline Fiat) is not listed. I called Fiat customer service, who confirmed that Stateline Fiat would open 5/31/11, according to their records.

Anonymous said...

Drove a manual 500 last night at Fiat of Langhorne in Langhorne PA. It is an add-on to the Reedman / Toll dealership and has a small track onsite with a decent chicane and small straightaway followed by a hard left. All in all you don't have time to get the car out of 2nd gear but still fun.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for cars in the San Francisco Bay area. This is a huge potential market! What is taking so long?

Anonymous said...

I spoke to someone today @ Diehl Automotive in Pittsburgh, Pa and was told that Diehl is not going to have a Fiat dealership. I was also told that a Greensburg, Pa dealer was no longer in the mix for a Fiat dealership. Looking like no Fiat's in Western Pa.

Anonymous said...

Drove one in Clearwater today - 500C loaded auto. It was fun to drive. The only negative was the flimsy seat raising handle! Dealer is over hour away from me though, so looking for updated studio list with possible dealer north of Tampa???

Kearny Mesa FIAT said...

New for SoCal: San Diego's new central FIAT Studio is Kearny Mesa FIAT.

Anonymous said...

Herb Chambers Fiat of Worcester
2 Latti Farm road, Route 20
Millbury, ma 01527

Anonymous said...

Bertera FIAT of West Springfield
657 Riverdale Street
West Springfield, MA 01089

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Pittsburgh's newest Fiat Studio...Baierl Fiat in Wexford,Pa.10430 Perry Highway.Wexford,Pa. 15090...We can tell you we are VERY excited to have Fiat in our stable.Our Studio should be open by the second week in January,but we have been opened for business since November 2011.Looking forward to an awesome year.
Contact us at 724-935-3711

Charlie Lindstrom said...

Could you please update the list to include my Fiat Studio? Corwin Fiat in Fargo, ND.


Corwin Customs (Aftermarket) Manager

Unknown said...

Good Afternoon,
I am VERY pleased to announce that...
Baierl Fiat
10486 Perry Highway
Wexford , Pa. 15090
is the ONLY Alfa Romeo dealer in the state of Pennsylvania !!!
please contact us at...
ask for Todd or Steve