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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fiat 500 Accessories Catalog

The Fiat 500 is about freedom, expression and individuality. When ordered, it can be configured in 500,000 different combinations. But creating your own Fiat experience doesn't end when you place your order. After you pick up your 500, you can continue the customization process whenever you like.

Below is the current catalog of Fiat Studio installed accessories available for the new Fiat 500. Enjoy!*

Fiat500USA-Fiat 500 Accessories Contact your Fiat Studio for more information!

*Update:  The 2013 Fiat 500 and 500 Abarth Accessories catalog is out!  View it here.


Rusty said...

I asked my local Fiat dealer why there didn't seem to be as many factory options for the 500, such as on the ciaofiat site, and he informed me of Mopar being the replacement here.

So will European Fiat accessories just be re-branded as "Authentic Mopar" accessories? Or will there be both "Fiat Accessories" and "Mopar" accessories?

Anonymous said...

I would love to contact my local Fiat Studio - except for the fact that is doesn't exist. Not to mention, if it did, I sure wouldn't be able to locate it from the official Fiat USA website.

I wish Fiat USA were as good at organizing this rollout as they were at generating buzz. They certainly got me interested - but without a dealer nearby and a lack of any kind of information from their official source, I'm probably going to buy something else. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

I was just delivered my Fiat Prima Edizione. It is better than I expected. It has luxuries found on my $38,000.00 mini van for about 1/2 that. It was a long wait from October order to April delivery but I'm so glad I ordered it. The 500 is FIAT's best choice to return to the US market. I cannot wait for them to bring the Punto to the US.

julie said...

when can we order foglights on pops? how about sport seats in a 500c? that would be just perfect!

Anonymous said...

You can order foglights for your Pop at anytime. If you're in Northern California check out and give them a call. You can't interchange seats between trim levels, which seems to be the only thing you can't do.

Anonymous said...

Just got it ! Now I need accesories in LA county

Brett Hemphill said...

I just had a great experience with Rick at I purchased a sun shade for my moonroof for my 500. I learned that it also fit my Mini Clubman. At Rick's suggestion, he sent me his new set of custom accelerator and brake pedals with an offer of my complete satisfaction. What a great modification. He patiently guided me through the installation process.
Since he personally tries every part on his car first, he knows all the right things to do and offers great tips. I could not be more pleased. Thank you Rick!!