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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fiat 500 Prima Edizione: Questions and Answers

ATTENTION: This Just In!!
Prima Edizione – Questions & Answers*

1. When will the Prima Edizione vehicles arrive? The vehicle in-transit time from the production facility is typically 17 – 21 days barring any unforeseen weather conditions. Therefore the vehicles should arrive and be delivered by mid-March.

2. Where will the Prima Edizione vehicles be delivered? At approved locations geographically distributed throughout the United States. Each Prima purchaser will have their choice of the approved locations for purchase and delivery.

3. What is the price of the Prima Edizione model? The suggested price for each vehicle is MSRP. However, the final transaction price will be determined between the dealer and the Prima purchaser.

4. How will I contact the Studio to schedule my Prima delivery? The dealer whom is selected for purchase and deliver of your Prima will contact you to set up a convenient appointment. Expect a call by the last week in February and delivery by mid-March.

5. Will the Studio owners receive notice as Prima purchasers select their Studio or all at once? The Studios will be provided a complete list all at once of those Prima purchasers that selected their Studio by February 25, 2011.

6. Is Home delivery an option? Yes, our FIAT Studio owners are excited not only about the launch of the FIAT brand but also the start of the Prima deliveries. In states where home delivery is legally available it will be accommodated.

7.The Home Delivery Process: Once the financial transaction is completed A flatbed truck will deliver the vehicle to the address provided by the purchaser.

  • A FIAT Specialist from the Studio will accompany the delivery driver.
  • They will be dressed in approved FIAT attire and make a proper introduction.
  • The vehicle will be presented wrapped in a vintage FIAT car cover
  • The FIAT Specialist will demonstrate key vehicle features and address any questions.
  • The FIAT Specialist will invite the Prima purchaser back to your FIAT Studio to engage with the team and experience the features of the Studio.
  • The FIAT Specialist will provide their contact information to the customer.
  • Please attempt to capture a Prima Edizione customer photo “if the customer agrees” (We will supply a waiver form to gain their permission to post on our Facebook page,, etc.).
  • One week after the delivery a follow-up contact should be made.
8.Where will my delivery take place if my selected FIAT Studio is under construction? In this scenario, the Prima purchaser will take delivery in the delivery area of the future FIAT Studio’s current Chrysler Group store.
9. What are the unique features of the Prima model and why is it so special? To create buzz, excitement, and anticipation around the return of the FIAT Brand to the United States, we produced a limited edition FIAT 500 model called the “Prima Edizione”.
This model was offered to FIAT enthusiasts in the U.S to allow these individuals to express their deep connection to and affinity for the brand. This limited edition of only 500 vehicles was available in only three exterior colors: Bianco (White), Rosso (Red) or Grigio (Gray).
  • Standard features included: Available Options:
  • Unique 16” Aluminum Wheels with black pockets. Power Sunroof(optional)
  • Gloss Black painted roof and side mirrors. Engine Block Heater
  • Unique Prima Edizione badge
  • Black Body Stripe
  • Graphite Instrument Panel Bezel
  • Individually Badged I/P
  • Red Accent stitching
  • Logo’d Floor Mats
10. Why a special model for the FIAT enthusiasts? These Prima customers live and breathe the FIAT brand and have long awaited its return. Their anticipation has reached an all-time high, because the FIAT Cinquecento (500) has earned iconic status worldwide and the FIAT brand is now returning to North America. These individuals have kept this brand alive in the States during our formal absence. It is rare to have such a loyal and passionate group. We felt that it was only right to show them a little love upon our return to the U.S. market.
11. Can I make changes to my Prima Edizione order? The vehicles are already built therefore changes cannot be made. If you would like to change the color or options you will have to purchase another FIAT 500 model, not a Prima Edizione. We ask that you advise us as soon as possible if you are willing to give up your Prima reservation. We have a number of customers on our Prima Edizione waiting list for these situations.
12. What happens to my deposit if I change my mind on my reservation? The deposit will be refunded in full.
13. How will my $500 deposit be reflected in my final purchase price? The Security deposit amount will be applied to the final transaction as a credit.
14. What payment options are available? Consult your selected FIAT studio or financial institution for more information.
15. Can I test drive a FIAT 500 prior to taking delivery of my Prima Edizione? Yes, in many locations throughout the U.S. the future FIAT Studio locations have a FIAT 500 marketing vehicle that is available for test drives. Please contact your local FIAT Studio to see if their marketing unit has been delivered.
16. Does my Prima Edizione come with a warranty? Who will service my FIAT 500? Yes, every FIAT 500 comes with four-year/50,000-mile basic and powertrain warranties with Car rental allowance. The Studio that delivers your Prima Edizione will have a specially trained FIAT technician who will manage your vehicle’s service needs.
17. What is FIAT Forward Care? Free 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Maintenance with Wear-and-Tear also 4 Year / Unlimited Mile Roadside Assistance with Trip-interruption Reimbursement.
18. The vintage car covers that my vehicle will be delivered in… can I keep it or is it available for purchase? Unfortunately, due to the limited quantities and cost it is not available for sale. The vintage car covers are provided by us (The Brand) to our Studio owners.
19. What happens to a Prima Edizione vehicle that is not purchased by the original person on the reservation list once it arrives at the Studio? The vehicle will first be offered to those on our waiting list. If the vehicle is not spoken for after offering it to the waiting list, the dealer may elect to keep it as a sellable unit.
20. Can additional accessories be ordered from the Studio after delivery? Yes, please see your Studio for ordering details and availability of various accessories.
21. How does a customer reach out to the FIAT Call Center? 1-888-CIAO-FIAT

*Update at 4:43PM: This is the latest information I've seen and is posted in the interest of keeping this readership informed. To be safe, I would consider this preliminary, and changes could be made, so wait for the official call from Fiat, which should be coming soon.


Anonymous said...

You wrote:

3. What is the price of the Prima Edizione model? The suggested price for each vehicle is MSRP. However, the final transaction price will be determined between the dealer and the Prima purchaser.

This is a little bit scary. In everything the Prima Owners have gotten we were told the price is $19,500 including destination charges. If my Fiat Dealer tries to pack the price he will be able to keep it. I can understand the final price being different because of any upgrades or options added.

Prima #241

Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious that the wording allows for the addition of options and negotiations based upon what the trade in is.
Hearne prima 250

Anonymous said...


You are right it is a bit scary I think a lot of these are going to end up as #19 above. I think the dealers just want to collect names. They are not helping with special financing or lease rates as promised. It seems like a take it or leave it attitude. Getting insurance is getting to be a issue also.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Fiat will not offer any good fiance rate. I suggest getting a pre-approval loan from a credit union or something. Rates are low as 2.25%APR for 36month for a $25K loan (assuming you have good credit)... This way you can have leverage against them. Either they can match it or beat it.

Can everyone share their Out The Door price with everyone? This way we all have an idea what we should expect to pay.


Anonymous said...


So on my home today headed to my last business stop I drove by Fiat of Concord, CA and I got to test drive a Fiat 500. It more than made my day. Then I listened to my voice mail and I had one from Fiat. I called back and spoke with a Laura at the 888 number, I wonder if it could have been Laura Soave because her voice was VERY familar as we talked at length and set up my local Fiat of North Sacramento Studio for delivery of Prima #241. I was told that it would be no more than 21 days out tops.

Talk about a GREAT DAY!

Prima #241

Anonymous said...


Is your local Fiat Studio the one in Concord? How come they're scheduling you up to N. Sacramento for delivery?

I stopped by this passed weekend at Concord and took the Fiat 500 for a spin. What a sweet ride.

Can't wait for that phone call from Fiat.


Prima Edizione 173 - Rosso said...

Dave (PE241): Thanks for the post here,... based on that I have called Concord: Lithia Motors and will go for a test drive on Sunday, tomorrow. My car is waiting at Fremont Fiat, but they are not listed as having demos, so a bit of a trek. Fremont Fiat is currently in San Leandro; I am in SJ. I will probably do the oil changes locally and drive once a year to the dealer. The FIAT 500 App is quite helpful, having details on the car itself and Maint. My other cars are on a 6 month cycle already so its a good fit.
PE173 is ready on March 16th. I look to be a week away from taking delivery (assuming no games on the price; if there is I walk)