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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fiat 500 Dealers with Test Drive Cars

Here is a list of Fiat 500 dealers that have test drive cars (demonstrators) and are well on their way to opening. Fiat North America began delivering test drive cars to dealers last month in preparation for their grand openings. These are officially called Pre-Production Marketing Units and are all 500 Sport models. The cars are used to demonstrate and promote the Fiat 500, which is due out March/April. Give these dealers a call to check out the 500, and if you reserved a 500 Prima Edizione car, make sure you contact them to set up delivery:

FIAT of Birmingham, Birmingham

Motor Village Los Angeles, Los Angeles

FIAT of Concord, Concord

Fields FIAT, Orlando


FIAT of South Atlanta, Morrow

FIAT of Honolulu, Honolulu

Fields FIAT of Highland Park, Highland Park

O'Brien FIAT, Greenwood

Cardinal FIAT, Louisville

Criswell FIAT of Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg

Golling FIAT, Bloomfield Hills

New York
Armory FIAT of Albany, Albany

FIAT of Larchmont, Larchmont

Bob-Boyd FIAT, Columbus

Yark FIAT, Toledo

FIAT of Downingtown, Downingtown

South Carolina
Stateline FIAT, Fort Mill

FIAT of Austin, Austin

Northside FIAT, Houston

FIAT of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City

Whitten FIAT of South Richmond, Richmond

FIAT of Kirkland, Kirkland

Bergstrom FIAT of Milwaukee, Milwaukee

Attention Fiat Dealers: If you have received your Fiat 500 Marketing Unit, and want to be included on the list, please contact me:


TK said...

add Fiat of South Atlanta to the list.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all your doing. I would think it should be Fiat doing the leg work with the dealers setting up at least delivery to a local Chrysler dealer that will also be a Fiat dealer close to the Prima owner.

In Northern California near me there are many Fiat franchises to choose from. One is very close at three miles away from me. NONE of the dealers know anything so far. Only one I visited 70 miles away even took a real interest in what I was asking about. Maybe the dealers in Northern California are not too excited about having another brand of car to sell.

It's sad because you can hear the pasion in Laura Soave's voice but the dealers are not on the same page. said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your doing. I would think it should be Fiat doing the leg work with the dealers setting up at least delivery to a local Chrysler dealer that will also be a Fiat dealer close to the Prima owner...."

You're welcome and thank you for checking out my site.

There are some great dealers, the ones that are in the news, and are getting out the message, etc., have their act together.

I am hopeful after this weekend, when everyone is back from the LA Dealer training event, that we'll see some more energy from the other "guys".

One thing that I've found is, when you call a dealer, if you don't get the Fiat person, you'll talk with someone who doesn't really know what's going on. It's a bad first impression. Please dealers, brief everyone who can pick up the phone with what's going on or at least have them be able to CONNECT them to someone who does know. And when you take a message, for crying out loud, call the customer back!

The "Prima" owners will be the easiest sale you WILL EVER make. Don't blow it!

Having said that, I'm optimistic, once the staff is in position, and things are up and running, this stuff will all go away. The Fiat NA Team have put together some great ideas and I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Anonymous said...

It IS looking like this is happening, slowly as Bert etc over on the forum informed us about Seattle that Rairdon will be open by April, Fiat of Tacoma by Aug and a Town and County Fiat by Dec (thinking that may be AutoNation or the dealer in SW Washington, don't know).

That is indeed good news from here in Seattle land!

Anonymous said...


I don't want to be anonymous but I have not joined the blog. Thanks for your answer to my earlier post. It is your site once I found it that lead me to becoming a "Prima" owner. I found your site two days after the initial offering and sell out of the Primas. I was sad but took a chance by putting my name on the list. Fiat contacted me and it took about two hours for me to put down my deposit.

You are 100% correct that someone at the dealership should make callbacks or at least take folks serious. Fiat has only one chance to make a first impression.

The impression they made on me at the launch event was teriffic. The signed and numbered lithograph for Christmas was fantastic. I don't know if I should have it framed or keep it in the tube.

I for one would love to work for Fiat as a West Coast Rep for customer satisfaction. I know why Fiat needs to keep the Fiat and Chrysler brands seperate. Totaly different mindsets. I love the Italian way of thinking. I still remember the 124 Sport Spyder I lusted after driving by it at the dealership in 1972. I still wish I had bought the car rather than the 65 Mustang.

Dave Mitchell
Prima #241

Anonymous said...

Hello from Cardinal Fiat in Louisville KY. Im sorry to hear that some of the dealers dont seem to share the passion and excitement as others. I am just as much of a Fiat Freak as you guys are. Not all the dealerships are up to speed as some have not even got a marketing unit in yet. Some of you dont get to talk to the Fiat Specialist when you call either. I am here to tell you I will answer any and all questions for you. My name is Wayne Burns and I am the Fiat Lead for Cardinal Fiat and we do have a 500 here to test drive. Please call me or my specialist for any questions.
Wayne Burns Fiat Lead 502-303-3884 cell
Cathy Lush Fiat Specialist 502-802-5364 cell
Cardinal Fiat 502-303-3884
Thank you, Wayne

Anonymous said...

The map of the Connecticut dealers needs to be switched - Branford is pointing to Hartford and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Bob Boyd Fiat in Columbus Ohio has theirs... test drove it today!

Anonymous said...

Stateline Fiat has their test drive car.

Anonymous said...

Yark Fiat of Toledo has a 500 to test drive.

Anonymous said...

Fiat of Concord, CA has theirs. I know because I drove it today!


Prima #241

Anonymous said...

Please add Stateline Fiat to your list.

Anonymous said...

Fiat of Albany, NY has there car and I drove it today. Silver on black and simply fantastic. Call Brandon and he will offer you a test drive and a smile a mile wide. Great cars and great people at Fiat of Albany!

Anonymous said...

Fiat of El Paso got a Demo unit today.


TK said...

Fiat of Wilmington, DE has the demo. Find it at Carman Chrysler on RT 13 New Castle, DE. Ask for Buddy Arnao.

Steve said...

Why do we not have a dealerin the state of Idaho? We have 3 good Chrysler dealers in the Treasure Valley (South-west) area Larry Miller in Boise, Dennis Dillon in Caldwell, and Peterson in Nampa.

Unknown said...

Fiat of Seattle has one now too.

w!L. said...

I was told they have one to test drive at the FIAT of Manhattan and the studio officially opens 20 March 2011. :)

lizabaker said...

These are just super cool car models! I hope to try test driving Cars in Texas too. :)