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Monday, February 14, 2011

The 2012 Fiat 500: eco:Drive

The 2012 Fiat 500 comes complete with eco:Drive, a software application that analyzes how you drive, offering you suggestions on improving your gas mileage and reducing tailpipe emissions. The eco:Drive application is easy to use: just download it to your PC, connect a USB memory stick to your 500's USB port, drive the car, and then transfer the data to your PC. It's a fun way to improve how you drive and your gas mileage at the same time.

Here is what Fiat North America says about eco:Drive:

The Fiat 500’s eco:Drive Application helps to improve driving efficiency

The new 2012 Fiat 500’s state-of-the-art eco:Drive Application demonstrates that an automaker’s environmental responsibility should not stop when the car leaves the production line but rather extend into the actual way customers drive their cars.


Fiat’s eco:Drive Application collects all necessary data relating to vehicle efficiency and, through the BLUE&ME™ USB port, transmits it on to any USB memory stick. Once the driver plugs the memory stick into his or her personal computer, the system presents the driver with the Fiat 500’s detailed environmental performance, including the CO2 emission level for each trip. In addition, Fiat’s eco:Drive Application analyzes the driver’s style and provides recommendations on how to modify his or her driving style to help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Originated in Europe, Fiat’s eco:Drive Application has encouraged drivers to set challenges – CO2 reduction targets for specific journeys or over a set period of time. And as part of a global “eco:Ville” community, the system encourages all drivers to come together and pool their fuel and emissions savings to illustrate how many drivers’ individual contributions help the greater good.


Here is a little more on the eco:Drive software: The eco:Drive software is based on the award winning, Blue&Me™platform, jointly developed between Microsoft and Fiat. This ecological application was developed on Microsoft’s flexible and updateable platform Microsoft Auto (currently called Windows Embedded Automotive). Fiat has worked closely with Microsoft since 2004 developing different software applications such as Blue&Me™ and eco:Drive.

Sources: Chrysler Media, Fiat SpA


Terry said...

Microsoft, eh. Is eco:Drive compatible with APPLE OS, or just for fans of Bill Gates?


Frankie said...

Just for your info. The eco:Drive App is available also for the Mac OS platform. Cheers.

JammerX19 said...

I've asked this question in several places and I haven't found the answer yet. Are the Prima Edizione cars 2011 model year or 2012?

Terry said...

Thanks for the info, Frankie!

Terry said...

Hi JammerX19,

Should be a 2012 car. Haven't seen anything from Fiat to contradict that, plus it costs money to have only 1,000 cars listed as a different model year.

Best regards,


tahrey said...

Hey what! "Our" (ok, mum's) euro 500 didn't come with this! I will have to get her to bug the dealer about it. She may not be too bothered about it, but I'll be lost in a world of geeky fascination at the figures :D