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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Customized Fiat 500 on Display at Detroit Auto Show

This MOPAR creation will be prominently displayed alongside the other Fiat 500s at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show

A customized Fiat 500 is going to be featured at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, January 10-23. Chrysler's MOPAR parts and accessories division will display over 100 accessories spread over 57 show vehicles. Among these is this heavily accessorized Fiat 500.

MOPAR is legendary for providing exciting performance parts and accessories to automobile enthusiasts. Now MOPAR brings their unique vision to the Fiat 500, displaying a car that highlights just some of what Fiat owners are able to choose from to personalize and tailor their own Fiat 500 experience.

Following is a list of MOPAR accessories that will be featured on the 2012 Fiat 500:

Door-sill guards with 500 logo
Roof/hood decals feature a double-blue stripe
Katzkin leather interior, black with blue accents
Carbon fiber-style hand brake
Carbon fiber-style shift knob with leather boot

Rear window-mount rack
Snowboard carrier
Wheels, black gloss
Chromed exhaust tip

Chromed mirror covers
Chromed fuel door
Chromed grille surround, front and back

Wheel center caps
Key fob cover
Strut tower brace

Fiat says: "A full line of authentic Fiat 500 accessories by MOPAR will offer customers even more personalization possibilities at their local Fiat dealership, including unique striping packages, exterior and interior styling accessories and authentic Fiat-styled merchandise."

View the full size images here!

Images and quote courtesy of Chrysler Media


Anonymous said...

It makes for total brand confusion. Uneducated Americans will be confused enough about the Fiat brand. The (non-Fiat)Chrysler dealers don't even understand Fiat. Diehard MOPAR fans may not like seeing the Fiat connection. Likewise, Fiat fans won't like seeing MOPAR on a Fiat.

Jim Romano said...

There are some interesting articles on the net about the Mopar 500. It looks like this is more than just a "pretty face". They appear to have done some serious engine and suspension work as well, and on the surface it looks pretty awesome. Now here's a question: All in all, how do you think it will stack up against the upcoming Abarth 500? And why would Chrysler even want to offer a competing product to their performance oriented Abarth models? As you know, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Abarth guy, but this Mopar is a very interesting vehicle. Worth some serious consideration, eh?

Johnny Flosser said...

This takes away from what the 500 should be...purely Italian. Let Abarth take care of customization.

peterjerome said...

I'm with Anon. All of us gear heads have seen hallowed names in automobilia misused. Do you remember the de Tomaso and Shelby monikers on K car derivatives? Or what about when the Reliant that had a 2.6 four cylinder engine called "Hemi"? At four cylinders is it in fact a Demi Hemi? Mopar belongs to the muscle car crowd. I'm thinking they do not want to see it on an Italian small car, anymore than I want to see an Abarth Challenger. Besides, is it my imagination or did the Mopar folks raise instead of lower the suspension? If the Esse esse makes its way to Detroit it will clearly show who should be modifying FIATs.